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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by NDSinBKK, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. NDSinBKK

    NDSinBKK Ol'Timer

    It seems prudent to use a full-face helmet riding in Thailand, particularly in high-traffic areas like Bangkok.

    I have never used a full-face in a climate this warm, and wonder if there is any agreement on what full-face helmet is best suited for this climate. I'll want plenty of air coming in.

    It would help if the helment is available in this country, but I go in and out enough so that anything is possible.

    Tks much.
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  3. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi Sandy, get yourself an enduro helmet, which still has the jaw protection but no visor, you'll have to wear sunglasses at least. Don't buy a typical Thai helmet with no protection of your jaw other than a small strip of cotton.....I'm in Asia now for 17 years and have seen some nasty accidents, its simply not worth it. there's several shops in Bangkok to get what you want, just scroll trough this forum. There's a good one on Ratchadapisek Road, called PADDOCK: www.paddock.co.th , another link where you can choose: http://www.geocities.com/bkkriders/shops/index.html , cheers, franz
  4. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    Different people have different shaped heads , sorry to be obvious, helmet manufacturers know this. So regardless of size what fits me will not necessarily fit you.
    I have a Shoei X-11 which fits me well and has lots of ventilation, I bought it for that reason. I've always worn Shoei becuase I discovered I have a "Shoie Head". Some people cannot wear Shoei, others not Arai, etc.. AGV has fiddly visor fastenings and you can't get visors here.
    Do a little surfing to find out what testers say about helmets then go somewhere like Paddock, if you can, with a first and second choice and see which one fits you best.
    Paddock is very close to the subway/underground so easy to get to.
  5. michaels

    michaels Ol'Timer

    I to use Shoei X-11 for that reason. It has very good ventilation,
    agreed. When buying/ordering, you might want to check the production inside the helmet.
    Think 7 years is the "use before" date recommended, and some of the helmets in shops can be several years old already.

    I also have a much cheaper Nolan helmet (or Nolan copy? Not sure.)
    I don't have any problems using that in the heat either, but I'm not stuck in traffic all that long.
  6. Tubber

    Tubber Ol'Timer

    I don't have a Shoei head, I have an Aria head so I bought an Aria Profile in Singapore for S$580 ( a black tinted visor was S$75 extra but genuine Aria) from Chiap Lee on Serangoon road, 2 vents on the visor and 3 on the top lets in plenty air. They also do mail order so spares are no problem.
  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Arai for me. In Bkk available from Fast Corner
    But Mike's definitely right - different heads fit different shaped helmets. You've got to try them on to find the right shape & fit.
  8. NDSinBKK

    NDSinBKK Ol'Timer

    Thank you all for your suggestions, one result of which is that I'm now aware of a genre of helmet I had never known about or paid attention to: the enduro type. While I'll probably still hop around the neighbourhood (I know, where I'm most likely to have an accident) with a quicky lid, the enduro type looks like what I'd want for out on the road.

    I will be in New Zealand next week. Is it likely that such helmets would be cheaper there, or should I just patronize local purveyors?

    Web research points to Arai XD, Shoei Hornet, and Airoh S4 as being decent options. Thoughts?
  9. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I have 3 helmets a full Faced ROOF boxer that is a flipover style it is superb , an Open face MOMO with visor it is good , and an old fashioned open Faced DAVIDA with leather lining , I us the ROOF and MOMO in Thaiuland The Davida IN UK and will buy another ROOF BOXER for UK as well.
  10. tomdegerth

    tomdegerth Ol'Timer

    ND, what will u be riding? I think it would look a bit funny if u wear a enduro helmet while on a Hayabusa...
  11. NDSinBKK

    NDSinBKK Ol'Timer

    I will be riding some kind of a Dual Sport. BMW F650 or Yamaha TDM are the most likely candidates.
  12. Tubber

    Tubber Ol'Timer

    Monsterman, I bought a Roof Boxer when they first came out and it was the worst helmet I have ever had, it had the aerodynamics of a brick (I was riding a V-Max at the time) and used to ride up over my head although it was a good fit, the visor didn't seal and rain poured in, there was very little padding so it got uncomfortable over a few miles. Must admit they do look good though. Have they got any better over the years?
  13. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com


    I bought an Airoh Mathisse "flip up" in Europe a few years ago and used it there all year round - it was superb for the price. I saw recently that they have updated it and it now includes wire mesh inserts in the crown for increased airflow and comes in at around £80 - perfect for here I reckon, flip it up in town and flip it down for higher speeds. Only problem is sourcing one........
    http://www.louis.de/_4023bdf72e2d924dde ... _gr=204065

    Otherwise, I agree, an Enduro type lid with sunglasses is the way to go and is what I use 90% of the time here.

    BTW, I have a Roof 010 Daytona which is great quality but a bit hot for here and a mate had a Roof Boxer in the UK and thought it was absolute shite - very flimsy chinpeice and bad visor.


  14. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I have tried ARAI , Shoei X7 and find the ROOF BOXER is perfect for me on the MONSTER as it cleaves the air nicely, and relieves my Neck muscles, I is a bit noisy but as I am on a DUCATI I dont mind that.I find them very comfy and dont let rain in I have had mine nealy 7 years now.But remeber helmets are a very personal thing and must fit properly.
  15. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    AZOULAY also wears a ROOF BOXER
  16. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    I just bought a Bell M4R, nice lid for around London but wouldn't want to be wearing it in the tropical heat of Thailand.
  17. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends,

    I intend to say the ROOF Boxer model helmet is perfect for Thailand with modulables.

    Up to 100 Km/h perfect as a jet helmet with the screen
    From 100 Km/h to 160 Km/h OK as full face
    Over 160 Km not usable because your head is push back by the wind as not aerodynamic profile.

    I will post a picture of mine and specially the one I refurbish at the Thai helmet shop I recommand in BKK, please see the post.
  18. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Monsterman. Wow! If both the esteemed Azoulay and yourself wear Roof Boxers then they must be the mutt's nuts. I will rush out tomorrow and buy one on your holy recommendations.....


    Pikey (remind me to take my tongue out of my cheek when I wake up! [;)])
  19. rhiekel

    rhiekel Ol'Timer

    Am going to cast my vote for my new Arai XD helmet. Finest helmet I
    have ever worn. Great for hot weather because of good air flow under
    the chin, and perfect for heavy rain. Because of the sloped sides
    of the visor, rain will not " stick" and tends to blow off from the wind.
    It also appears I have an Arai head ......
  20. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    Since the ROOF comes from the same land where the Citroën DS was born, you just know it's going to be a little bit different.[;)] Where is the rolling on the floor laughing Smiley?

    Style? Sure. Design? Well, in the pure style sense, but the lack of venting makes this helmet unsuitable for those of us who ride when the temperature rises above 75F.

    I found this http://www.designerhelmets.com/index.php
    I like the Caberg separate sun visor, the rest of the helmet well…
  21. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Bush Pilot
    What helmet were you wearing in your recent crash - the STM? If yes, how did it go in the crash? Any chance of a photo of the helmet post crash?
  22. demons08

    demons08 Member

    If you are looking for light weight, awesome ventilated helmet then can I suggest the Shark RSR2 full face. I have had in the past Shoei X-11, Arai and KBC and found this is the best helmet by far. Shoei X-11 noisy compared to RSR2 and fit with Arai doesn't suite everyone. Shark also has excellent visor removal system, removable lining and breath box included for cold nights and fogging issues. For cheaper option, try the RSX or the RSI models.
  23. NDSinBKK

    NDSinBKK Ol'Timer

    Just a word of thanks - this thread is proving very educational - thanks for the many replies. In terms of cost, I have three locations from which I could buy: Thailand, New Zealand, or the US. Is the US likely to be the cheapest?
  24. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Yes until you try to ship it and also probably have it caught by customs. As I recall the one time I checked it was about $75 U.S. to ship to Thailand IF, and that's a big IF, they will do it. Customs duty on top of that. If someone can carry it over for you that's different.

    Add Singapore to your list of possibles if by chance you can do a trip there. A good selection and my Shoei was actually less than in the U.S. for the same model.
  25. Harry Sheene

    Harry Sheene Active Member

    Always worn Arai. I have three, Full Face, Off Road and open face. They have always seemed to fit me the best. For some reason Shoei never fitted my funny shaped "loaf" properly...
  26. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    I have an Enduro style helmet that I use mostly, a full face that I use sometimes, and a couple of open face helmets (worth 4 times as much as the others) that are only for car racing...

    Some things to consider...

    Open face helmets are a big no-no on bikes for me... most neck injurues are from over extension of the neck... the jaw piece of a full face (or enduro style) helmet hits on your chest and stops your head from tilting any further down... without it your forehead will try and touch your chest, leaving up about a super as Christopher Reave...

    The enduro style helmets usually have a peak above the face hole, which ctaches wind at higher speeds and forces you to keep your head tilted below horizontal, and causes your head to be dragged around a bit by the wind, which makes highway riding a lot more work for your neck...

    I wouldn't be wearing sunglasses with one... Sunglasses are not in any way shatterproof, so a rock to the lens could smash the glass or sharp plastic lens straight into your eye... buy some clear and tinted MX googles, or some clear and tinted 'safety glasses' (they make ones that look like sunglasses now).

    In rain, that gap between the bottom of the goggles, and where it is protected by the jaw piece of the helmet cops a hammering with rain, and it is pretty uncomfortable... that is when a full face helmet is much better...

    just my 2c worth.


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