Fun trip to Golden Triangle

Oct 15, 2006
On Saturday afternoon, we closed the restaurant, because we were throwing a party for a visiting Motorcycle Club.
Fun was had by all and next morning, we decided to ride back with them to Chiang Rai.
We put our "Gone Party - Back in a few Days" sign in front of the restaurant, left a quick note on our website to that effect and off we went....
With a total of 10 bikes, we first rode up to Doi Angkhan. Beautiful up there. Went to see all the flower gardens and then sat and had a couple of beers, before riding on to Mae Suai on highway 109. From there, we headed up to Chiang Rai, stopping beside the river for some food and more beers.
In Chiang Rai, we were fed and watered by the local club and all had a great time.
Next day, a few of us rode up to Chiang Saen, took the boat over to Laos for 100 Baht each, drank a lot of Beer Lao and Snake Moonshine and later stayed overnight in Chiang Saen.
Next morning, we rode back towards Mae Salong, when my battery died on me. We decided to go to Chiang Rai instead, stopped at the club shop and charged the battery. Of course we had to have a couple of beers, while waiting for the battery to charge. Beer of course cannot be had without food in Thailand, so we had a big meal as well,which in turn had to be washed down with more beer....
By then, Mon and I decided to spend the night and one of the club members invited us to stay at their place. Good decision, because within an hour, it started to pour. Rain, Hail, Lightening, Thunder and tons and tons of water. What to do...drink more beer...

When we finally got up Wednesday morning, the air was fresh and clean, visablity was great, the battery was charged and after saying our thank yous and goodbyes, we did a quick two hour ride down to Chiang Mai, down the 118.

In Chiang Mai, of course, I had to stop at Chiang Mai Saloon (Loi Kroh) and have some of Ron's famous Chicken Quesadillas and a beer to wash them down. [:D]

I am not really a fan of Chiang Mai City, so after my meal and beer, I headed back to 107 to Chiang Dao, where I was pleasantly surprised, to see the mountain clearly and being able to breathe clean air again.

We parked the bike, checked our emails, took the "Gone Party - Back in a few days" note of the website and set the sign aside for future use.

We'll probably stay open until April 17th now, so unless you show up on Wednesdays (our regular day closed), you should be able to find us here. Just to be on the safe side, check our restaurant website first to see if something better came along for us. [;)]

As for roads on this trip, we enjoyed the road to Doi Angkhan and later the road to Mae Suai the most.

No problems anywhere. Even the 107 between Mae Thaeng and Chiang Dao is a lot better. More paving has been done and the remaining gravel has been packed down good. You will still end up with a dirty bike, but no problem, the guy across the street from us does a wonderful job cleaning and waxing for 50 Baht, while you stop to have a coffee, beer or meal [;)]

Anyways, ride safe everyone. It was great to get out for a few days and I love the new Dyna Low Rider.


Mon and Kurt