Funny Fall

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  1. Watch it to the end that's where it gets funny
  2. Sorry Ray, can't see it. Something about copyright...
  3. Hmm comes up on my end. I'm trying to figure out how to do trip reports using the video. What made this funny is not being used to a sport touring bike this bike really sits high. Most of the time it's tip toes on the ground as was this the case here. When the wife hopped off the back. The wright came off the back rear shock expanded and I got launched into the air.

    Anyone using video to do trip reports ?

    If so how do you go about it?
  4. When you write your post or reply you see the icon bar. Second from the end is what looks like a film strip. Click on it. Copy the url from your YouTube video and paste it in the box. That's it.

  5. Thanks Dave, got it

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