G'day from Vientiane, Lao PDR

Discussion in 'New Members' started by scotty_350, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm an Aussie who has been living in Vientiane for the past 2 years. Up until recently I have been riding the local scooter (Kolao) around, which has been great.
    Recently I purchased a Yamaha XT225 and just last month I bought a Yamaha XJR400.
    Looking forward to chatting, dicussing issues etc here on the forum.

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  2. Gday Scotty & welcome to GT Rider.
    That XJR 400 certainly looks like it will be a lot of fun in the twisties in the mountains alright.
    I hope you continue to enjoy GT Rider & that you join in with any tips & info for Laos.
  3. Hi Scotty
    I'm heading over to Vientiane in the next month or so with my husband, visiting a friend of ours that lives there. Will be looking to rent bikes and do a bit of riding around, so be good to meet up and swap tall tales if you fancy it, maybe a ride out too? :thumbup:
  4. Hi Sarah,
    I only just got notification of your message.
    I'm always keen for a ride, that's for sure. I work away (on a 28 and 28 schedule) so there is no guarantee that I'll be there when you visit.
    When do you think you'll be in Vientiane, roughly?
  5. Hi Scotty
    Not sure of dates yet as we keep changing our plans! Been seduced by N Thailand & are on the road for a week & loving it!

    Would like to go to the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Chiang Mai 11-12th Jan, so may head to Vientianne after that... Or possibly before for NYE if we can wangle a good deal on bike hire that'll allow us across to Laos for a little while... Lots of ideas, but won't know if it's do-able till back in Chiang Mai in a few days... Either way will most probably be there around mid Jan.

    Will let you know when we do!
  6. Hello from another member in Vientiane!

    Just joined.

    I'm riding a Honda CRF 250 L. It'd be nice to meet up and perhaps go for a ride at some point? I'm keen to meet other members in Vientiane and get to know a few more people :)

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