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Discussion in 'BMW Bikes In Thailand' started by Pgt066, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Pgt066

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    Saw this bike in the USA this weekend. It looks like a great off road bike.

    Anyone know if they will ever be sold in Thailand?
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  3. KZ

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  4. nikster

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  5. bung

    bung Ol'Timer

    So are these available in Thailand then? Road registerable?? I'm interested, ticks a lot of boxes!! (Except the price of course...)
  6. Ian Bungy

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    It isn't listed on the BMW Thailand Website but the G650 X-Challenge is! But I am pretty sure that isn't sold here either?
  7. bung

    bung Ol'Timer

    I saw the x challenge as well, also a perfect bike for me. I thought I was on the Thai BMW site but not sure now....I think the 450x pictures showed it with indicators thinking it was road registerable. The 450x with a plate would be awesome, they are a very good enduro bike.

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