Garage for building up Goldwing?

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  1. Lads

    any one knows really good and reliable garage to assmble 2005 goldwing from parts?
    Red Baron and Teera motorcycles wont do it any more.

  2. Well, if time is not of the essence and you dont expect a rock bottom Thai pricing my friend Reini here on Phuket...... might do it. He attached my SilverWing 600 to my side car. He can be choosy, Mike Rust asked if he would restore an old bike. He said No, doesnt pay.
    Am curious = you importet the GW parts from where and how?
    Custom duties ??
    For your info bought my SW here on Phuket, 2005 , 5000km, price 335.000b

  3. Important = are there good reliable plans ?
    How much broken down are the parts?
  4. Lads

    Get is from USA, shipped to TH in parts 30% import tax and assembly in TH
    Price depends of mileages,,, but i got quote of 650.000THB 2005-6 bike with low mileage, assembled.
  5. without knowing the total potential savings, I would go for buying it here, you get what you see and enjoy the GW NOWNOW.
    Would be money worth to me.
  6. Pico

    just oout of curiosity,, what you have in Phuket?
    havent saw so many GW on the roads,, not that i havent been in Phuket since 2000, you have nice GW on sale there? im not in to SW's.
  7. can understand you, Marco,
    saw an armada of GWs from Singapore coming to Phuket as part of the Three Nations Drive. All interconnected by intercom they moved like prima ballerinas.

    No, have not seen a single one here in Phuket,


    One observation from my 5000km trip Phuket - up NORTH.
    I had some minor problems. What saved me, because the Sw is already very complictated to take apart, not to speak of some serious repair/ maintance work, I understand the GW even more so, ...what saved me
    was that I had the complete workshop book of 500 pages on the Silver Wing.
  8. Marco,
    I spoke to Reini, he is interested. Suggest you talk to him directly=0818919631
    Background = Swiss, Ex-sidecar Champion, built his own machines.
    Undoubtedly he can do the job.

    If you decide to order from abroad, oder essential spares too, e.g. I have a problem to get the right tires. But that is the case in Germany too
  9. Wonder why Reini wants to do this GoldWing but doesn't want to rebuild Harri's AJS motor?
  10. Pico

    Im currently in Europe and will get more info possible availabilities of GW in USA, i will call him then.
    thanx a lot of mate.
  11. MIKE RUST wrote =
    Wonder why Reini wants to do this GoldWing but doesn't want to rebuild Harri's AJS motor.

    No idea Mike, Reini is a prima donna, his chosing.
    But You / Harry got his phone above. Never any harm to try.
    He can be bribed by flattery :)))
  12. Marco,

    if you can take the loops as closely as this guy with his GoldWing' ... /index.htm

    I want a training session with you

  13. Hi, Friend,

    I would recommand RED BARON for building up your GoldWing, in fact the have several in shops more white than the other and brillant by their prices (around 1.3 million TBH).

    The bikes look very good and those in the garage seems to be cared by skilled professionals.

    RED BARON is THE specialist of Japanese bikes and has on top some Japanese in the staff, it helps for the understanding and the mindset with these quite "high tech" bikes.

    Hope it helps
  14. According to Red Baron mecchanics the Gold Wings belong to high ranking police officers...
    Not sure the garage would work on yours...
  15. Dear Eric, dit Pee,

    RED BARON does service and maintain some nice looking white and gold GOLDWING, you are right belonging to some high ranked Thai Police Officers but they have other to sell in the shop, I saw them Tuesday (they are closed on Wenesday) and free (only and expression) to be bought for more than a million baths.

    I am sure that politely and Thaily introduced and asked they will reassemble the one of our friend, of course, not for free as they are reputed to cost maybe more than others but providing a perfect service.

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