garmin 60 csx/garmin SEAsia Map not fully compatible


Nov 2, 2008
Hi All, I purchased a garmin 60csx and preloaded garmin city navigator southeast asia recently in anticipation of my upcoming trip in February 2009. Everything was purchased in North America. I've spent many hours playing with the unit and map for practice and ran into some serious gliches. After 3 hours with tech support the conclusion is: The garmin map and this hand help unit are not totally compatible. You will not be able to search for most cities by imputing the city name. I could not even find Chiang Mai. You can however locate the city by using the pointer which is a complete hassle trying to scroll thru the map on such a small screen. I don't know about the rest of you but this is completely unexceptable to me so I returned it for a Zumo 550 which they gave me a a hugh discount due to the hassle I went thru. I returned the unit at Garmen directly even though I bought the items from Tiger GPS. In addition, I had problems locating addresse in BKK and hopefully this new unit will solve that. I don't have any idea about the ESRI map and how it does with the 60csx. By the way, this website is fantastic and will do my best to write posts about temporary import and my travels thru Cambodia and Laos.