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  1. Has anybody had a look or experience with the Garmin Colorado 400T? It looks impressive on paper. I'm thinking it may be better that the 60 Csx which I was keen on buying before seeing this one.
  2. No I don't have direct experience with the Colorado units but the reviews and experiences of people who bought a Colorado are not all that positive. Lots of problems initially with the units and while most of these problems have been solved with updates of firmware, the general outlook is still not that good.

    My next unit will still be the 60CX (don't need the compass) or maybe the Oregon which has a touchscreen unlike the rockerwheel on the Colorado. The general view of people who use a GPS to collect tracks and waypoints rather than "finding your way" is that the 60 and the 76 CSX series beat the newer units as they are more versatile.

    Have a look at where you will find a lot of reviews of most of the units.
  3. I agree with Auke (not for the first time ;) )
    The 60 x series rocks.
    Never used Colorado but it's only because i read some not very positive comments about this model.
    Anyway, this series is somewhere between 60 C/CSx and Oregon. I would rather go for one of those two than the Colorado.
  4. Having read as many reviews as I can find, I have bought a Colorado 400t and a Ram motorcycle mount online for 14,500 baht. The GPS alone in Thailand is 32000 baht !
    I will let you know what I think when I get it.
    One last question, which is better, the 'City Navigator Southeast Asia NT' or the 'Thailand Street Map V 9.0 Installation' from Gadgetrend?
    Thanks for your input folks.
  5. Go for the Thailand Street map V 9.0. Make sure you get the English version installed. By the way, if you live in Chiangmai you can get the map also from Eagle GPS in Phanthip Plaza 3rd floor.

    The South East Asia map covers more countries but the Thai map which is included seems to be an older version. This map does not include Laos and Cambodia but does have Malaysia.
  6. The decision has been made. Well done. What made you decide to buy Colorado400?
  7. Hi Mauris, the decision on the Colorado was made after looking at the possibilities for future expansions of Garmins maps to include a 3D map of Thailand. I guess the 3D view really sold me. it looks like Google Earth, which is where I plan my trips. I am a photographer (retired) so am very visually orientated and the 3D view gives a very clear idea of the lay of the land.
    I know the 60 cSx is a good solid unit and for a long time I was sold on it but this seems more of a step into the future with more potential for expansion.
    I actually ended up with a Colorado 300 which is the same as the 400T but without a topo map of the US, which I don't need. I am still waiting for the Thai street map to come from Gadgetrend so that I can get to use it properly as the supplied 'World map' shows Chiang Mai as a dot with no connecting roads.
    As I said this is my first GPS so things that some users take for granted are impressive to me, but so far I like it

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