Garmin nuvi 1250 now for 3,900 THB

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  1. For sat nav hunters: Garmin Thailand decreased price for nuvi 1250 - now only 3,900 THB (Inc. VAT).
  2. For GT-Rider members there are always some special deals :)
    But we just can't make deal on the top of another ;)
  3. I like mult-functional devices so I try to use my phone as navigation device. Currently use a Iphone4 for that. But not only navigation (knowing where to go) but also knowing where you have been (to record it and being able to export it as kml file for Google Earth on my pc). On my old phone (WinMob6) I used "GPS Tuner" now called "Outdoor" but on the Iphone4 that app is not working as good as it was working under WM6. So I have been looking to a few other programs and always had some problems with it.

    But now I did find a nice (and free) app "Easy Trails Lite" (Lite = free and has some limitations) it records my GPS-data and has a great way of exporting it to 4 different kind of file-formats. You can add waypoints and photos. It is simple, small and it works.

    And now with some modification on my tank-bag I can use my phone finally on the bike. This as I still not have a good sollution to put the phone on the handlebar.

    As of navigation I just use Google Maps (actually Easy Trails Lite has also Google Maps build in). Better would be a off-line navigation (as Edge connection is not really fast) but until now I think the only option for the Iphone4 is TomTom navigation (at least for Thailand).

    Chang Noi
  4. Hi,
    Check out MotionX as well.. There is a lite version and paid for version.. only a couple of dollars..
    It is very powerful.

    The points I like the best are:-
    - Not only Google and Bing maps are used. You can use the MotionX maps too.. Which are OpenMaps.. main benefit of this is that you can cache the maps. So when you are out of mobile coverage or in Laos. You still have maps with no crazy data roaming rates. of course the maps are not a detailed as the commercial maps.. But certainly helped us on trips more than a few times as various intersections / cross roads.

    - You can create you route in Google earth, save the KML file and convert it to GPX.. When then allows you to use the route on your iphone over your cached Open Maps.. great way to try out some new routes that are not in the GT Rider or Gecko maps.. or only paritally there.. Of course the Google earth maps are dated.. but so far have worked for us in the booleven plataue.
    here are some of the routes created then saved and imported as GPX files.

    This does eat a lot a battery power.. you may want to look at the following.. Have this on the Ninja and KLX.. My engineer at work rigged me up a second power cable from the battery with fuse.. Then I take the cable that connects to the iphone from bike to bike.
    Even with the high Aussie dollar.. It was cheaper to get the charger in Australia than Europe when I bought it a year back.


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