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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone have one of the Oregon (I think they sell the 300 and 500 here in Thailand right)? My question is does it support and can you type thai alphabet?
  2. Not 100% sure (I am sure Maurycy from Eagle GPS will correct me if I am wrong) but I think here in Thailand the Oregon is only available in English so no Thai Language in text nor voice.
  3. is this not troublesome to enter name of cities (which are sometimes spelled differently depending on the map)?
  4. Theres only one spelling in Thai - its when we try and romanticise all the Ks, Ss. Ts, and missing vowels it falls down for roman alphabet users
  5. @whitehead, this is what I meant, the romanized version of cities varies a lot depending the map/sign... Most of the time I can't even read it properly since I "think" in French when reading it which sounds totally incorrect (like "Ph" read "f"...), that why my initial question was can we enter city names in thai on a garmin gps?
  6. You can if you have the Thai garmin map installed.

    The only hard restriction I have read on is that the new junction view feature will not install on non Thai firmware (OS) garmin units, I havnt checked the crack forums to see if thats been broken as I dont have a JV supporting unit. Secondly as my reading Thai script is rudimentary at best I am still using transliterated maps which do have the problems you mention (jomtien, chomtien, na chomtien, etc).

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