Garmin Thailand Map-30 Euros

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  1. I stumbled across this website today. They are offering a Garmin(?) Thailand Map on SD/Micro SD card for 30 euros. Read the small print though and it says "second hand". It shouldn't make a difference as long as the file is good.

    Also the SE Asia Map for 40 Euros.

    It sounds like they are possibly buying up the Garmin maps after someone has finished their travels and reselling them. Not a bad deal.

    I don't know anything about this site or the company; just passing it along for info if someone is interested. :wink:

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  2. Another possibility is that these maps have been superseded by newer versions and they want to get rid of the old stock. They (Garminator) are selling the Thailand map version 8 but version 9 is available. Both the USA and EU maps are versions 2009 while 2010 is now out in both cases. Not sure about the SouthEast Asia and Australia maps but quite sure that newer versions are available.
  3. Hard to say for sure. This is the "fine print" from the Thailand Map

  4. There is another company selling them for GBP 39.99 + free international shipping. ... temple.htm
    Beats spending 7,000B here for one. Anybody tried these? I am going to buy a GPS on E-Bay and stick one of these maps in it. Works out less than half the price for which one can buy it here. Presuming I don't get whacked for import tax.
  5. If you are in the market for a cheap or even a free map than there are other options as LivinLOS mentioned on another forum.

    Do a search on the Internet and I am quite sure that you will find copies of maps you want which are not locked and can be uploaded to the GPS.
  6. That requires a modicum of computer knowledge. For an idiot like me a plug and play SD card is the easiest option.
  7. Just received a message that ESRI has decreased the price of the Thailand GPS map to 4500 Baht. This price is valid for the English version only, the Thai version is still 7000 Baht or so.
  8. That's good news, I will go for that.
  9. Auke is correct, had a look at the Gadgetrend website a couple of days ago and it was 7,000B now down to 4,500B. Wonder if the new GPSs will drop 2,500B, not likely.

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