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Discussion in 'New Members' started by geoffgoeff, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Newbie here and, having had a bit of a look around it seems like you've got the best bike forum in LOS. Congratulations.
    Whilst only having been here off and on for about 7 years I'm trying to make it permanent and, in the mean time go back and forth to the NT in Aus to keep the wife in the manner to which she thinks she should be accustomed. She's dreaming of course :).
    I've been into bikes most of my life but haven't invested in anything more that Honda 250 Trial since setting up home here. I'm now hoping to pick up a reasonable 750 Africa or the like.

    We're up near Chiang Kong in the last valley before the Mekong and Laos. It's a nice quiet spot with roads that swoop and curve with brand new tarmac and rattle and shake with lethal pot holes. All good.

    Anyway, thanks for a good forum.
  2. Hi Goeffgoeff,
    Welcome! Nothing wrong with the Mighty Honda 250. Fantastic Bike for Exploring around the Hills where You are living! Given the Age and Fuel Consumption of the Africa Twin You may want to Consider something Newer? There are so Many Brand New Bikes avalible which may do the Job for You? Hopefully We will meet up one day. Until then Enjoy Yourself Sir!
  3. That's great, thanks.
    We are pretty settled but it's always good to get extra info.
    If you're in our area let me know. There's always a cold one in the fridge for guests.

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