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  1. G'Day you blokes. Few things about me
    Mad Aussie
    Lives in Malaysia
    Likes beer
    Loves bikes
    Think Im in good company here.
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  2. Welcome aboard.
    I lived in Malaysia for 8 years before moving to Land of Smiles some 15 years ago. Very strong motorcycling culture down there in "Boleh Land".
    What is your ride? Have any ride reports to share?
  3. GDay & welcome to GTR.
    Hope to see you active on the forum - if youve got any tips for rides & establishments south of the border you're welcome to post them.
    If you wanna show us your ride, there's a thread here for you
    What bike(s) are you actually riding?
  4. Cheers boys. Current rides are several Harleys and a Tiger 1200XC. Planning a trip to Laos as we speak and have ridden extensively in southern Thailand. Will throw up a few reports when I get a chance.
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  5. Cool The Tiger 1200 Explorer is a BIG Bike. I see they just launched an update of it! If You get up to Chiang Mai look Us up!
  6. Hey thanks mate. Yeah, its a lot of motorcycle. Brilliant engine. Looking fwd to getting into Laos on it. Will give you a shout if Im around your way. Cheers
  7. G'Day Big Dave!
    Singaporean living in Singapore here.
    Planning to do a crazy trip through Malaysia-Thailand-Laos-Cambodia sometime really soon.
    Randomly rants on sgBikerBoy.com.
    Beginning to love the company here! =)

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