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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Safely in S.E. Asia' started by dks8888, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. dks8888

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    Dear all!

    I am looking at a trip in Cambodia on a rental 250. I will bring protective gear from my home country (i might wear it flying...). One concern i have travelling solo is, how do i leave the bike with gear on it? Id like to be able to walk off for a bit without having to bring all my gear with me (wearing the boots, back protector etc). Do you guys lock it down on your bike, if so, any recommendations on pieces of equipment? Would be greatly helpful to hear how others have handled this.

    Many thanks,
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  3. GTR-Admin

    GTR-Admin Ben Kemp Staff Member

    All I have in Thailand is a helmet lock on the handlebars... Sometimes, its possible to get a local stall operator to look after your kit for a couple of dollars. :)

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