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  1. Hi guys I did read most of the post for Laos but I am interested in doing a lot of off road in different area and I will be starting my ride the 15 of January , I like to travel as light as possible I read that in the mountain the night can be very cold even frezing , do you guys gear up winter style to ride and camp or is that not that cold.


  2. Hi Hendi,

    Good question: Last March (early in the month) we were Very Cold when over 1,000 meters while riding early in the AM and in the evenings sitting around having dinner. When riding lower then a 1,000 meters it was nice and warm.

    Therefore we were happy to have along an extra layer of clothing or two. This season we will also take our rain jacket and pants and use them as a wind breaker. Also when riding at elevation it can be damp from the fog, so again these could be handy to have.

    Everyone rides with a different approach to clothing - but last year a number of Northern Thai riders did find themselves a bit on the down right cold side, what with only light weight riding gear.

    And hey - if you find that you don't need the heavy stuff, pass it along to some of the locals living up in the mountains, they will be most happy to have it.

    David and Mai
  3. I think that I will get some warm gear for the ride and the camping and as you said it is always easy to give away staff, I was last year in the jungle of Cambodia and the nigh were pretty cold when you slip on the floor, even so the day were warm.
    Thanks for the tips

  4. I agree with David and I have spent about 2 years in northern Vietnam and can tell you that changes over 500 meters plus get cold. I changed my outlook on cold weather gear with trying out Under Armour, it is extremely light and in temps about + 3 to about + 15 I was fine, over 15 a little too warm with the rain gear on and under 3 could have used another layer. I do suggest that you get gloves before you arrive in Laos, the selection is really poor. January is one of the coldest months in the far north of Vietnam and my suggestion is to take a little more than you think, give it away if not needed but better enjoy the ride rather than being frozen.


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