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  1. Can anyone tell me where there is the best selection of gear in Chiang Mai? I am looking for jackets and boots.
  2. sawasdee krop KHUN ronwebb,

    if its off-road your after I reckon the Chiang mai motocross shop probably has the most extensive range of kit.
    On road im no expert but the Kawasaki showroom seems to have a fair choice of stuff.

    Failing that, the cheap chinese knock-off gear( which I wear proudly) can be found on Sridonchai road, heading away from the south east corner of the moat approximately 1km on the left hand side.

    Good Luck and Happy Riding!
  3. For normal riding gear, FAST CORNER in Panthip Plaza near the Night Bazar, all the places Luke mentioned above and a little ALPINESTARS at Yamaha Square on Huaey Kaew Road. Good luck, Franz
  4. Many thanks gents. Got what I needed at the Kawasaki shop including a ER-6n. A good days shopping overall.
  5. So you went shopping for jacket and boots and went home with a ER6n.

    That's not a "good days shopping". That's a great day's shopping :happy1: :clap:
  6. Ron
    Congratulations. Please pop along to the fortnightly GT Rider dinners at Miguel's in Nong Hoi to meet up with some of the local GT Riders.
    The next one Wednesdsay 11th August.
  7. Many thanks and will drop into Miguels. I met a very helpful guy called Kevin when I collected my bike the other day who told me about this event. Cheers, Ron
  8. Not to forget the X-Centre in Mae RIm, plus the Euro Diner on Rachawithi; & for me the Kafe for very late breakfast most days (just ask if David has been in).
  9. Is there room for one more at Miguels on 11th?
    I'll be arriving in CNX on 8th for three weeks.

    P.S Did the keys for those cable locks arrive OK David?
  10. Yes & yes. See you at Miguels or at Mr(s) Mechanics.
  11. Excellent.
    Mr Mechanic's is a definite and I'm 95% certain I can find Miguels :?

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