Geeting out of BKK enroute to Aranyaprathet


Apr 20, 2008
Dear all

I'll be grateful if any of the riders who are familiar in BKK to assist me in getting out of BKK enrout to Aranyaprathet.

I'll arrive at BKK railway station @ Yaowarat on 24/7/09 morning from Hatyai and my bike will be transported by lorry and the transporter's office in BKK is near the train station.

I intend to use the northern route out of BKK although it seem a bit further than the eastern route which needs to cross the city,

Hopefully I can get some guidance of the route which is more practical and safer as to avoid the city congestion and the non-bike expressway.

Alternatively I may need the help of the local bike taxis to guide the way out.

Lastly I will be pleased to know if there is any good guesthouse somewhere near the Thai/Cambodia border as I need to stay overnight before crossing over the next morning.



Lip Meng