General Enquiries

Oct 23, 2006

I am thinking of making a trip to Laos next month and would love to do some riding. But I have some questions I hope you guys wouldn't mind helping me out with.

1) Loops recommendations

I would like to concentrate more on Southern Laos. I enjoy winding roads in the hills and mountains. Any such loops to recommend? I heard that the Thakhek loop is very popular with riders. How about Pakse?

2) Bike Rental

I have checked out Green Discovery and they allow one to pick up the bike in Vientiane and return it at another location. Pretty good idea but their rental price seems to be quite steep. Is this the normal rate in Laos? I mean, the rates are 2-3x what I paid in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Besides Bajas and XRs, are there smaller bikes for rent? I am pretty short and would find a Honda Degree more comfortable.

Any bike rental shops in Thakhek and Pakse to recommend?

3) Any riding tips particular to Laos?