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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by daewoo, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. It has been raining non-stop here in Sydney for almost 2 weeks now (but we are still on water restrictions of course [:(] )

    I had a problem with my old XR250 in that it had little compression when I was trying to start it, so I decided to pull the engine out and freshen it up...

    I have never worked on motorbikes before, but am pretty handy with old cars, so I thought I would give it a go...

    I can't get a manual for a bike as old as mine ('84 model) and the manual I can get, covers everything from 85-97, so nothing in much detail...

    I pulled the engine out, which took a long time through trial and error, figuring out how things go together, and taking photos in the vain hope that I would be able to get it back into one piece when the time came...

    I stripped the engine down and took it to the local bike shop for him to inspect and recommend what needed to be done.

    He said that the bottom end was solid, so no need to pull that down, hone the cylinder, service the head, new rings, valves, and timing chain... he serviced the head for me, and I took everything home to begin reassembly...

    In the meantime, I decided since it is only about 8 more bolts to get it down to a bare frame, and the frame was in pretty average condition, I would get the frame sand blasted and powder coated.

    it took me about 4 hours to put the engine back together, cleaning and painting everything as I went, mostly it was done through my reckoning as the book wasn't a huge help...

    The frame took a good while longer than I thought it would to get back together, but it is all together now. I don't have any electrics, (blinkers or lights) so I must have left an earth of somewhere, but it starts and runs like a dream on about the second kick...

    No chance to ride it yet because of the weather... and not looking like I will get a leg over until after I get back from Thailand at the end of the month... but at least it is all in one piece...

    Sorry for boring everyone, hope you like the pics...





  2. Daewoo, at least with the weather you will fell right at home over here, pouring down in Souther Thailand, and heaps of rain expected in Chisng Mai.

    You did well, to get the engine back together and running again, any bits left over????
  3. As they say "at least it's good for the garden..." The three year old is going mental being stuck inside for so long... I need to find a job to get out of the house before I go mental as well...

    No bit's left over, I was amazed... I have a heap of rubber seals left over from the full engine kit that I bought (only $20 more than just the side covers and head gasket)... and guessed that the two copper rings were for the exhaust manifold...

    happy days...

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to getting over there... see you guys on Friday 16th... my shout if I've got a job by then [:D]

  4. Looks good for an oldie
    Get your self some yellow plastic contact, the stuff they use to stick on shelves and re do the number plates and it will look even better. See you up in C/Mai, dont forget to give the office a call, i have reminded them again but this is Thailand, i will be back in C/Mai on the 20 th
  5. The plastics are all really bad... very faded and 'crazed'... but I will redo the number plates...

    when I first read it, I thought you meant the licence plates... a big no-no in the land of speed cameras...

    Will call the office then I am in BKK on Wednesday, for a Friday check in...

  6. Well done mate and it looks a great little ripper! I do XR250s for a living and whilst they are pretty straightforward to work on, there are a couple of little tricks (bet you had fun collapsing the camchain tensioner). How much for the rebuild? Over here it would be about 10000 baht plus labour for piston, rings, camchain & guide, valves, gaskets, a rebore and new valve seats.

    I know you are arriving on 16/11 - are you up for the potential road-trip to Chiang Rai for the saturday night supercross? Seems like there will be a few trucks/vans going up so if you are up for it, shout now so as to reserve a seat! Look forward to meeting you in about a week.

    BTW, got a new keyboard a few weeks back ([;)])


  7. The manual just said, push down on this wedge and pull up on the other, then jam a paperclip through the hole... I almost stabbed myself in the eye about 4 times with the screwdriver while levering up the tensioner to get the clip in...

    It was two hours labour to service the head (cut new valve seats with 3 angles, cut the valves with one, and reassemble) that was $Au140 (4,100THB)

    Rings $Au65 (THB1900)
    Top Gasket Set $Au89 (THB2600)
    Alternator Gasket $Au16 (THB465)
    Clutch Cover Gasket $Au21 (THB615)
    Gudgeon Pin Clip $Au3.20 (THB94)
    Cam Chain $Au108 (THB3150)
    Total Parts $Au300 (THB8750)

    Pretty expensive when you consider that the bike only cost me $Au800 (THB23,000) a year ago.

    To sandblast and powdercoat the frame was $Au160 (THB4665)

    I've always been up for the Supercross and a bit of 'massage girl wrangling' as he so eloquently put it, it was just a question of whether B&T was going to take me there offroad or if I joined the booze bus... please book me a ticket on the first class VIP express apart from slash breaks bus (unless B&T steps forward with a route soon)



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