Geo Tagging Pictures.

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    Look at this picture.
    SmugMug No GPS.
    Just a picture, right.
    SmugMug with GPS.
    Same picture but with GPS info as numbers.
    SmugMug with MapBox.
    This is from SmugMug. You can barley se the GPS pos in the lower left corner. You can scroll through pictures and the map will relocate if there is a Geo tag on the pictures.
    I se so many nice pictures here on GT-R but no clue to where the pictures is taken other than a description sometimes.

    I would like to se more GT-R member start using geo tagging. And it is way easier than you think.
    I guess all phones these days has geo tagging built in. All you have to do is to activate it, and activate geo tag when sharing/publishing.
    If you still uses cameras like I do then a GPS will record your track and that info can be added to the picture by different software. The camera need a correct time setting.
    A lot of cameras these days have GPS built in. Sadly they use a lot of battery and very slow to pick up the GPS signal once you switch the camera on.
    OSMTracker for Android will record all day without using too much battery.

    So please share more than just the picture.

    The above picture will tell off-road riders it will be steep going if possible at all.
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  2. Did not even know this was possible. Found easygps as one download. Have you used this one - or a different one ? Reviews - comments - recommend ? Thanks
  3. I use Apples Aperture.
    Here are some good info about geo tagging.
    Programs to Geotag Photos / 2015

    I used EasyGps years ago before Garmin came out with Basecamp. Easy to use once you have done it a few times.
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    I have seen and tested a lot of apps for quick GPS location sharing, and most of them are very limited.
    On a go app I have tested recently, GPS Map Camera. For Android.
    Not perfect but it is quick to use and it is free with not too annoying ads.
    It will take/save two pictures. The normal picture and one with the info you have selected.
    If you are out of GSM signal select location info only, otherwise you will get blank fields.

    GPS Map Camera 1. The normal picture.
    GPS Map Camera 2. Here I have selected map and lat/long info. Sadly can not change to OSM or select just one position format. The DMS format, however, good for sailor boys only.
    GPS Map Camera 3. Map address and weather info.
    GPS Map Camera 4.
    Map, location and weather info.
    Hope more and more will start to use some sort of location sharing pictures.
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  5. This is very helpful, thank you.
  6. Nice apps, thank you.

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