Get something chromed in CM?

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  1. Need to chrome a few things. Where to have it done in CM?

    Thanks a bunch
  2. Prob best to go via Richco in Wualai Rd. Richie does powdercoat but is sure to know where to get the best quality chroming done here in CNX.


  3. Thanks Pikey,Kind Regards
  4. Any luck finding a chromer in CNX ? Any chance of posting this location as I am sure many people could use this info including me.

    Cheers Ken F
  5. Me too! :lol:
  6. I been slaking off and have not even gone where Pikey suggested.
    so, that puts me in the same column are the rest of us.
    I want to get some wheels chromed.
    Keep you eyes open and I will do the same.
  7. I use a shop near the old Lampum Rd and the intersecting road that runs to the airport. If heading toward the airport, it is stuck down a little side soi past the Ford tractor dealer. I can drive around CM, but aside from loh Kroh do not know the name of a single road.

    Quality is not great, and you have to insist on good work. They do not copper or nickel plate first but simply a one step chrome process.

    Richie knows this shop as well and more likely to know the name of the road
  8. From the description, it sounds like the place where I had the pipes on my Norton done and to be honest, I was not impressed. Cheap at about 1500 THB for 2 downpipes & silencers but had some bubbling after only a couple of months. I'd think Richie or his Dad Mike would know of a better quality outfit if one indeed exists....


  9. I recently got my knob chromed for 1000 baht.

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