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  1. Hi all,

    I know this topic has been discussed many times before but after a few hours of research I'm still not sure about the current situation. For about a year now I've been looking for a Ducati 749 S/R or 999 S/R with (proper) green book. I recently found one but unfortunately it was sold before I had a chance to see it. I'm not going to search for another year so I need a different solution. There are a few bikes for sale without green book but with import and excise taxes paid. I know it used to be possible to get a green book for such a bike at a cost of 80-100k Baht but apparently something changed last year. Now I'm no longer sure whether it's still possible to get a green book for a bike on which all taxes have been paid. If so, are there any companies that can help with the process?
  2. Buy something registered.
  3. That's what I've been trying to do the past 12 months. Quite a few 749/999s out there, just (almost) none with green book. I'm just tired of waiting any longer so my question is if it is still officially possible to get a green book for a 2nd hand motorbike that has all the tax paid on it already. No forged green books, I want a proper legal bike in the end.
  4. If your not going to search to buy another Ducati for one year then was is the point of this question?
    One year is a long time in SE Asia.

    When you decide to buy do yourself a favour and only buy a bike with a green book already.
    Therefore you will save your money, time, frustration and efforts.
    If it was easy or cheap the seller would of organised a green book already, "you think".

  5. Welcome to GT-R! :mrgreen:

    David and Ken are spot on. Hope you will heed their advice :thumbup:
  6. Manot at Chonburi superbikes often has 999s etc with green books , a few weeks ago he even had an MV agusta F4 You need to look around bangkok ,pattaya There are usually a few available with legal documents , problem is many dealers dont advertise online so its a matter of trawling around
  7. I've had a bad experience years ago when getting green books was kind of the thing to do. Of course the guy didn't deliver, asked for more money (talking about throwing good money after bad!) and finally after waiting for a year, riding my illegal bike, I threatened with police and we came to an agreement that he pay me back on a monthly basis.
    That worked for a few months but then often there was no money. Once I caught "the boss" exiting through a side door when I showed up and I caught him running down the street! That was almost worth a monthly payment, I can still laugh about that one, how he heard me, slowed down, then turned around, came back and sheepishly told me: this month no money! Finally got my money back and learned my lesson.
    These days I wouldn't even think about going that route. Save yourself a lot of trouble and heed the advice above!
  8. Thanks for all the answers. I will continue to look for a bike with a green book then. Concerning the shops that may sell the bike I'm looking for, is there a list found of shops in Thailand selling big bikes?

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