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  1. as a non-resident, can you obtain an internationally accepted motorbike driving license in Bangkok. We're playing with a few ideas that require a license....
    If anyone knows of a really good photocopy shop downtown bangkok ;-)

    PS: driving the old minsk all the way back home is not an option....
  2. You can get a Thai license as a non-immigrant, but not on a tourist visa.

    Same deal on an international license.

    Legally speaking, of course.


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  3. keep talking ;-)
  4. Mingh, the wandering "Minsktell". Don't let the team down so close to the finish line! Use more gaffer tape an conciliatory words, or just say "bitch a lot to get the bikes back to "Uncle Hoe" he's praberly worried abuot them.
    If it your But your concered about "Monkey Bum" only lasts a few months, So you won't be doing Rudolf out of a gig[:D].
    Keep us posted on the outcome of your devilish plan!!
    Bye for now Scott..stay upright, only on the straights..

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