getting around in chiang mai?

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  1. hello gt riders,

    after 4000km we finally made our way from Kuala lumpur to chiang mai.

    now our bikes (2x yamaha fz 150i) are in dire need of a service, and we also want to get better tires, as the current ones don't seem to deliver a lot of grip in corners.

    can somebody recommend uns a place to get the service at?

    and what would we our best choice to get new tires? we've been thinking into driving to a kawasaki dealer as they should have a wide range of tires given the various bikes they sell. other advice?

    in addition, we want to do do the chiang mai loop, and then progress into laos in a few days. would you reccomend getting "real" offroad tires, or just some "standart" ones that offer more grip?

    thanks in advance for any suggestions,

    if somebody wants to get in contact with us you can call me on: 0853989791

    cheers max
  2. Try the Big Yamaha Shop next to Central Department store on Huay Kaew Road? They should be able to Service Your Bikes and provide Tyres? If You do the Samoeng Loop and Pass the X-Centre please call in and say Hi. Good Luck.

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