Getting David off my back

Apr 22, 2003
David has been pestering me for a couple of years to post some thing so here it is.
First of all those interested in the motor GP will normally find David and myself watching it at the Cornish arms Soi 9 Moon Muang when its on, the previous owner Steve was right into his bike racing so we are keeping to tradition and staying at this location but if this doesnt work out you will probably find us back at the U.N Irish pub.
Recently did the Nan Doi Phuka ride, enjoyed it so much I went home and two days later went and did it again. By far it would have to be one of the best road rides In the North, great roads, spectacular views.
The only down side to the second ride was following a very adventurous Japanese with a G.P.S, not a problem for my 1100 Shadow which has a bit of ground clearance but the two guys on the Harleys got a little anxy when they started dropping their over rated machines in foot deep talcum powder type dust.
Some may recall 2 years ago David and I attempted and succesfully completed the Mae Hong Song loop in a day on honda dreams (dont ask why) but I would like to do it again with David and some others with plenty of time on thier hands, not reccomended for the faint hearted because you do have to set a decent pace to achieve your goal, but I feel this event should take its place as an annual social event on the Chiangmai calender.
Jan 22, 2005
Hi John,

What is the address of your place?? Currently in Chiang Khong and will be in CM by mid next week.

Know the feeling about posting, but have yet to figure out the spell checker and we've an account of 2 months in the North plus over in Laos and with plenty of pics to share - but first we need/must understand how to spell/check...before we submit to a posting.

David and Mai
BMW1150RT Phuket
Mar 15, 2003
The quick and easy way around spell check is to write your posting in a word processor program that includes spell check, then, cut and paste it to the message board. If you have access to your own computer it also saves time online, and you can come back and finish it at your leisure.

Dave Early

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Apr 10, 2005
Yes, were is your guesthouse?. Will come to CM in July to meet some you guys and need a place to stay
Apr 22, 2003
Jonadda guest house
23/1 Ratvithi Rd Soi 2

To save confusion with taxi's and tuk tuk's tell them its in the same Soi as Eagle house 2 and Your house, were the place with the kangaroo on the top


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
The 2nd week of May would be ok for another Dream thrash around the MHS loop for me.
Any later than this & it might be raining.
I posted some pics from our 1st MHS Loop thrash up at
Link removed
if you wanna take a look.

Keep The Power On
Apr 22, 2003
I have an old racing mate arriving on the 16th I would like to wait for him Im sure he will be up to it, also another girl from my old club is coming with him, both raced 125 GP bikes so Im sure a Honda dream will be no problem.
Any body else interested in an enduring Mae Hong Song loop in a day on dreams please let me know or maybe some one is interested in riding the day on a big bike as a support crew.
John 071796944
Feb 23, 2003
Count me in on the loop. Had to take a pass last year when
my girlfriend put her foot down regarding thrashing her brand new
Dream 125. Soooooo this year will have to burn some carbon
out of an unsuspecting rental bike. Mid May works for me.
Can't let David have all the fun......