Getting your bike washed/waxed in Chiang Mai?

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  1. Can I recommend CAR SPA (on Suthep Road opposite Maharaj Hospital) and on left-hand-side driving towards mountain with moat behind).

    Honda-type 100/125cc motorbike = 50 baht for wash and 50 baht for wax (total = 100 baht).

    Harley motorbike (more chrome-work etc) = 100 for wash and 100 baht for wax (total = 200 baht).

    The Manager's name is YON - and they do a first class job on both bikes and cars - using Auto Glym products

  2. Can anyone recommend a similar place in Central Bangkok?
  3. Yes I can recommend the best car wash in the world. It's called DIY and it gets done without forcing high pressure water into places it should not go on a bike. I guarantee you those idiots don't know!
    Best workshop in the world is also at the same place.
  4. DIY?
    Is it on Sukhumvit? :wink:

    The idea of a 'first class' (ie. professional) bikewash actually did include not 'forcing high pressure water into places it should not go' to my way of thinking.

    But anyway, thanks for your help. :roll:
  5. No it's not in Bangkok. It's wherever you live. It's called Do It Yourself!
  6. Yes, I know. I was just kidding. :roll:
  7. There are two places on Ekkamai 12, the one nearest ekkamai is best. You can point at any bit you are concerned about and say 'rawang' but to be honest they use a fairly low pressure jet anyway. Cost is B100 and there are loads of girls cleaning the cars so there is always something to stare at while you are waiting.
  8. The only one I have seen for bike washing and not "detailing" is at the junction of Rama 4 road and Rama 3 road. North side of the road (Lumpini) side. There is also a place on Ekamai Soi 12? but I don't know where.

    If you want the Mother/AutoGlym polish thing the last one I saw was on Rama III but gone now as the new bridge is there.
  9. Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I think I just handed game, set and match to JohhnyE. I took my bike to Ekkamai 12 at lunchtime and they dropped the fcuking thing while they were cleaning it! The girl was rolling it forward to rotate the wheel and the sidestand came up; luckily human flesh and a plastic chair came between my GSX1400 and the ground.

    I still tipped her 20B.
  10. DIY is the only way. I never let any car wash near my bikes. Just seeing the scratches on my car is enough for me.
  11. I find that DIY place often employs a buffoon, though, and they take forever to get round to doing anything.

    My bike has the unholy combination of white wheels and a chain oiler so they will sometimes refuse to touch it at all.
  12. My Man! Now there's a worthy reply. :)

    Then again, maybe not! :oops:

    But there's always...
    Errr ... it's okay! :?

    And it's hard for them to tear their arse away from CSI ...

    Hang on a minute! Let me get this straight.
    You let a Thai girl who probably weighs all of 45 kilos when wet roll your 1400cc monster of a bike?

    To quote the movie 'Lock, Stock...', "Alarm bells are ringing, Willie!" :roll:
  13. I was watching, thinking about this thread, on this forum, thinking "I bet she drops the fcuking thing and I'll have to admit it on the forum." Then she dropped the fcuking thing.

    Yep, I just stood and watched.
  14. [
    Yeah but there was one wasn't there? :p
  15. Went back today. Same girl; she laughed when I asked her to be careful. This time she had to wheel the 14 around a stationary car. She was a bit tottery but she managed okay.
  16. Ok agreed, you do get a really nice polish there; BUT, the young LBMs there just blew away the nozzle of my nice new 2,000 kms only Scott Oiler. Not impressed, & this all happened after they were told very clearly & firmly in advance - low low pressure, clean it gently. Their excuse - the bike was so dirty (after Laos & 4 days of rain) that we had to use higher pressure to clean all the gunk off.
    My "revenge" - I've got them searching the drain for the nozzle.
    Ha. Ha. Told you so eh JohhnyE?
  17. Hmm, my nozzle disappeared, too. Luckily mine was just from a cheapie lubeman. I'm trying to fashion a replacement from a bendy drinking straw and some cable ties.
  18. Was there today. Seems there's been a bunch of people coming in
    after hearing about the shop on the Internet. I was asked if I heard
    about it via gt-rider or thaivisa. Answered gt-rider, and was also given
    a 50b discount vs the original quoted price (150 vs 200).
  19. Took both bikes in to the AutoGlym outfit on Changlan Rd in Chiang Mai for cleaning for the motorshow at 0900.
    They asked me to pick them up at 1pm.
    An unspectacular job for 200bht each.
    Far from convinced AutoGlym products were used and then spent another hour going over the bikes, still only to a fair standard.
    Shell Garage on SW moat corner do a better job for 80bht - tho you have to ensure against overenthusiastic use of pressure hose.

    I understand, however that a Mr Bungy has started personal valeting hand-jobs out at the X-Centre for 'special' QC GT-Riders.
    Including the disposal of hazardous materials [HAZMAT] left behind.
    Unfortunately I was unaware that he had such special services on offer.
  20. Would agree on that. The job was fine, but nothing special.
    If Shell Garage does the same or better for less than half the price ...
  21. Well I think the Car Spa guys on Suthep road do a great polish, but after my Scott Oiler nozzle vanishing I no longer let them wash the bike.
    The wash is now done near my house under GT Rider supervision, then I ride over to Car Spa for the magic polish.
  22. The Special Valet Service Rhodie was referring to is Captain Slashes BMW 650. Due to My Stupid Willingness to Help Fellow GT-Riders (Which By the Way is Now Wearing Thin!!!) I agreed to Take Care of His Bike when He went back to the UK as He Claims someone is on the way to See it. He then Turns up the Day before His Departure to Drop the Bike Off. To My amazement it is Filthy Dirty!!! :shock: Not even a Miserable Attempt was made to Clean it!!! Captains excuse: "I Ride My Bikes Not Clean Them" A Pretty Piss Weak Excuse and I was Less than impressed considering He expected to Present a Bike in this State to any Potential Buyers??? :cry: I actually spent 2 Hours that Day and another 4 the Next to Clean the Bike to a Standard where i Wouldn't be embarrassed to have it in the X-Centre in the Presence of My Triumph Tiger which is correctly Cared for!!! Just because you Ride a Bike doesn't Mean you have to Have a Dirty one!!! My 14 Year old Yamaha Raid is in Immaculate Condition and For Sure Has seen alot Worse and Dirtier Conditions than the Slash has??? Laziness is not an Excuse in this Country with Valet Services available at almost every Supermarket and Gas Station for a reasonable Price!!! A Poor Cleaning Job is better than None at All!!! In True English Style i would Guess you call it "Taking The Piss" By the Way i have Better and Much More important things to Do than Clean Other People's Bikes :roll: We actually Have a Business to Run and My Biggest Decision of the Day is Not Normally Where is the Nearest 7eleven :idea:
    The Best Part about Cleaning a Bike is you get to See or Find every Fault a Bike Has so one word of approval to "Captain Slash" Once i Removed the Coating of Filth a Very Clean Bike Emerged and not a single Mark anywhere to indicate the Bike had ever been anyway but Upright. So No Blemish on your Riding Record we just have to Get your Personal Cleanliness to Match!!! Seen He suffers from the Short Arms and Long Pockets Syndrome I suggest we have a Quick Whip around to get Him some New Jeans before His Return! :D Don't Take it to Serious Mate Like While you watched me Clean Your Bike, Only "Taking The Piss" Right :wink: Good For a Laugh!!! 8)
  23. The high pressure cleaning is not good for cars and even worse for bikes. Does anybody knows a good place in Pattya, where they really handwash a bike, not using the high pressure water guns?
    DIY is ok, but I do not have the facilities in my parking area (no water connection etc.).

  24. Hi Friends,

    Don't know if I am lucky but in my Bangkok house area -Ladkrabang, Romklao Road- there are 2 CALTEX stands with very good washing services.

    I brang already several times my Ducati and the Suzie for washing after some spoiling rides and it's done perfectly. 3 employees are busy around it for around 45 minutes and wash it from the begining to the end and finish with spray of silicon (or other wax I can't define) and polish even the tires...

    All that for the pitty money of 70 TBH, you'll agree to say 100 !

    Maybe I am to lazy to do it myself but if I put together all disturbance I have to wash it home it's more convenient for me, and shouldn't we give works to people ?

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