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  1. One owner only. Self imported. It is in excellent condition. No book, no invoice, has 3rd party insurance. Please email me for further info, or phone 053 251 186

    Type: Gilera
    Model: Nordwest
    Displacement: 600 ccm
    Year build: 04.1992
    Kilometer: 26’000
    Color: Black & yellow
    Price: 25’000 Baht

    Just serviced. Parts replaced:
    • New rear tire (Michelin Pilot Sport)
    • New tooth belt to cam chain
    • New water pump
    • New brake pads

    Also included are:
    • 1 Work shop manual
    • 1 Spare parts book
    • 1 Chain kit, inclusive x-ring-chain and spockets
    • 1 Ventilator for watercolor
    • 1 Brake lever
    • 10 Spark plugs
    • 1 Air filter
    • 2 Tooth belt to cam drive
    • Div. Carburetor seals
    • Div. Carburetor o-rings
    • 1 CDI
    • 1 Hepco & Becker top case mounting set
    • 1 Hepco & Becker top case 35 liter

    Pics of the bike: ... 2172535&f=

    It is a real fun bike.

  2. hallo heinz,
    nice you're finally selling this fancy art work. it would also look nice in my office, unfortunately i don't have one and probably the money neither.

  3. Hi Heinz,

    Nice wheels.

    Price: 25’000 Baht - is that correct?


  4. Was thinking the same..25, havent left an extra zero out have you?
    Nice bike...
  5. Maybe 75,000?
  6. You are right guys; this bike is really cheap. Because I have no time to us it and I wane sell it quickly. Because it’s definitely not good when nobody us this bike. Then in the meantime I have already a problem with the engine.

    Every few weeks I start the engine. But last time, something happened with the camshaft drive. (I guess that one of the bearing made a problem, after the long time parking). It’s possible that valve get bent. I have to open the engine, to be able to say exactly what happened. Spare parts I should I have and if not, so I can organize them.

    My mobile number is: 084 172 91 74

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