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  1. Hi all I am new to this forum and new to riding. I would like to cross from Cambodia to Laos and onto northern Vietnam. I have minimal experience as a rider but I have had formal training in OZ and some experience on rented bikes since being in asia. Im confident i can do it if i take it slow. My question for all of the seasoned riders out there is how difficult is it to take a bike from Cambodia into laos? Ive heard there are insurance and registration issues. I am in Cambodia now and wish to leave soon...any advice greatly appreciated
  2. We rode from Laos to Cambodia above Stung Treng, no hassles, it may be trickier going the other way as there appeared to be very little infrastructure on the Laos side, ie customs etc!

    The road would be easier because it was bloody hard to find the track down to cambodia in amongst the road works on the laos side!

    we met some guys in Sihonoukville (spelling???) Sth Cambodia that had tried to get into Vietnam on <250 sized bikes and had no luck, they reckoned that no-one with any sized bikes would make it!
  3. Thanks for the info!


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