Givi Kappa V33 side boxes and Versys rack

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  1. Givi Kappa V33 panniers and rack to fit Versys. Simple to fit and very little use and in excellent condition. Pictures on other sites. 20,000 baht

    Phone. Alan 0856380854
  2. Very nice panniers and as new condition. Cannot believe nobody is interested as the price is very fair.........
  3. I think you need to post pictures.
  4. I would love to post pictures NickyBKK. This web site continues to be a real problem when it come to posting pictures which baffles me. I have used many sites over the years and uploading pictures is a snap except on here. Why is that so admin?
  5. brake034 to the rescue.....again. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: I echo Alan's comments because I also have the same problem with pictures here but not anywhere else.....
  6. Why is it so...because we've been hacked before with people uploading images direct to the server.

    If you want to know how to upload a photo & it is not difficult if you try a bit, all you need to do is look here
  7. Thank you brake034. Photos sent.
  8. Reduced to 19,000 baht....... At least 6,000 baht cheaper than any others I have seen.

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