Gloves dammit, where can I get 'em ???

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by deepcdiver, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member

    Am separated somehow from my gloves...all I can find are cheap fake leather vinyl over cloth with fake wool lining. The Vietnamese are hard workers but damn if they have leather gloves for sale anywhere...

    Am in Hue for two days, anyone seen any kind of store that carries some kind of leather work globes???

    Even the markets are no help...

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  3. Glenn

    Glenn Member

    Try to find the street that sells worker safety equipment -- if there is one in Hue. Probably the best you'll be able to find there will be gardening gloves.

    Are you heading north or south? You may have better luck in Da Nang...
  4. deepcdiver

    deepcdiver Active Member

    I've tried that...nada. Basically, people that can afford gloves, don't do manual labor, those who domanual labor cannot afford them :( Watched some workers iunloading sand from a boat on the perfume river onto a conveyor belt that dumped it onto an enormous mound, that was being shoveled into trucks to make concrete. They used rags on their hands.

    Found a pair that were THIN leather, absolutely the worst sewing I have ever seen on ANYTHING, almost fell apart just looking at them. Surprising when ther is a lot of good craftmanship around.

    Have pretty much given up, if i find a shoe shop tha makes shoes to fit like they did in Hoi AN I will have some the meantime will use my nylon cold weather/rain gloves :( It's cool now this far northa anyway...

    Heading north from Hue, towards Mai Cau, Son La and Dien Bien Fu, to Spa and south from their to Hanoi. Am ten days out from Saigon, pardon ****ing me, HCMC. Not hiccup from the Minsk "Olga Slutskaya" but I clean/change the plug about every third day....and use my own 2-stroke oil in the fuel.

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