Going Home: The GT Rider goes down


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
DATE: 18 June 2005


THE Rider: Davidfl & 2 silly young Thai guys

THE BIKE: Mrs Mechanic's Honda Wave & their Wave.

The WAY: Home via Ratchamankha Rd.

THE TIME: 11.00 PM

Stone cold sober & quietly cruising home at a sedate 30-40 kph. Reached the Andodard intersection & noted the bike stopped on the left to give way & let me pass. Proceeded to cross the intersection, & mid intersection, BANG they came flying thru (no lights) from behind the stopped bike.

By the time I picked myself up off the road the police were already there. Unbelievable.

I felt a bit sore / shaken up, but knew that nothing was broken, so it was off to Ram 1 hospital to tend to the ol head which was gushing out a fair bit of blood from out the back somewhere, but somehow pouring down the front of my shirt.

I even got to ride in the front seat of the yellow body snatchers pick up & noted what a piece of junk that vehicle is & I hope it’s a while before the next ride. (I’ve got bad memories of laying on the tray of an old police pick up down Uttaradit way 10+ years ago.)

Anyway after getting stitched up (4 - 5 stitches) at Ram 1 it was down to the main police station to sort things out with the cops & the boys.
The boys weren’t there, but were with a cop looking for me down at Ram 1. So a phone call was made for them to return to base & deal with the blood covered farang.
Before they got back my accident report was in, below theirs & I thought I wonder what their version was?
Before I could suss it out, they walked in, immediately wai-ed me & said double sorry in English.
15 minutes later we’d signed on the dotted line & they’d paid a 400 baht fine for a traffic offense & we were on our way. No one asked the farang for a baht or tried to be difficult at all.

I already checked out the (Mrs Mechanic's) Honda Wave & knew that it was ok to ride home, so that for me was the end of the story.
Who wants to hang out at the police station all night possibly arguing about a max of 1,000 baht. I thought we were all extremely lucky & would be happy just to go home.

The 2 young boys could not stop apologizing, took my mobile number & gave me their place of work to drop by anytime. Today they even phoned to check how I was going. Ok for an "older" man with a bit of a sore head – I’ve had worse hangovers, but without the blood & stitches!
So no complaints about the “accident service.” I don’t doubt that I lucked out with the right culprits – it’s just the luck of the game.

Don't forget to all wear your helmets now....

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