Going North out of Attapeu: alternative road to Rd # 11??

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    Question : Out of Paam to Route 11 / alternative way up to Rd # 11
    In late Jan 2012, coming from Cambodia through Nat. Rd 18A to Attapeu, we plan next to go to Paan (SAM missile place) and are looking to alternative road to Rd # 11, trying to avoid concrete road # 11.

    North of Paan, it seems there are 2 possibilities:

    1) going N-W (white Rd on Gecko map) to meet Nat. Rd 11 near Donchan (Gecko map): anybody has ever been that way?

    2) going NN-E on the way to Napho (yellow Rd on Gecko map), then the yellow road end up no where in a hilly area? Any possibility to continue and connect with Rd. 16 further North??
    We don't want to do rally of the Extreme as we use to do in our young day! We are still in very good shape but around 60 already!!
    Any advice or info on those 2 roads, as we like to avoid concrete road.

    Then further North, between Sekong and Saravan, there is a yellow Rd, starting at Phon, going North, then West to Saravan. But in the Phoulaking area there is gap with no road, on both Gecko and GT-Rider map? Any connection possible or just forget it??

    Further North, from Saravan to Phin, by Rd 23 ( two big broken bridges), the Rd was fantastic 5 years ago. Is it still funny sandy dirt road or concrete has made its way up to there already??
    Or any possibility, taking Rd 15 to Taoy, then what happens next with the Yellow Rd which continues North and connect with Rd 9 at Dong between Nabo and VN border? Any info on this way, easy or terrible??

    Tks 4 any info!!

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