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  1. the spark which set me off was the H.U. meeting in CM, thanks to David and the others. I had a wonderful time, never getting tired, no stiff shoulders, no pain in the ass, nothing. At least on the bike, accomodation was something else, these hard-tough so-called matrazes, these cold windy nights when we slept in 5 shirts plus jackets ...... may be I will be foregiven some of my sins.
    Hard to belive but we covered over 5000 km.

    Whenever the season is right I want to go to NZ. I must !
    Perhaps a GT-R can give some starting hints, most expensiv item will be to ship my bike plus sidecar. I am trying to start with GTR before going to HU, its more personal. Your names mean something to me by now.
  2. Hi Pico-Pico,
    The Season is always right in NZ. Great Rides and Bike Gatherings all year around, you just need the right gear for the Weather. Winter you have the Brass Monkey(South Island) and the Cold Kiwi(North Island) Multiple Summer Events from Top to Bottom of the Country you may be able to find some info on the Net. There are a few Bike Rental companies but the Shipping i doubt would be expensive if you were willing to wait for the Bike to get there. Another Option is Buying a Bike and Selling it again afterwards. A long time friend of mine sells Wholesale you could ask him of course every Town has Bikes Shops in NZ. The only Down side is Strict Speed Limits and Speed Cameras. I have some Friends doing the South Island Back Roads on XR650R's now, Couple of Guys in Pickups carrying Gear and Fuel. Great Place to Ride. Good Luck.
    Cheers Ian.
  3. Ian, I must depend on a -not neccessarly my ---- sidecar because of a handicap. One leg is too weak to stabilze a stand still bike. And the bike itself must be automatic like the Silver Wing.
    Sounds as if I am miserable, to the contrary= I LOVE MY SIDECAR
  4. No worries Mate,
    You can Ship your Sidecar to NZ. Of course i am not sure of how long it would take. Billy Connolly did a World Tour on a Harley Trike and. I have the NZ episodes on DVD. He also did Australia. There is a Company making Trikes in NZ also. Either way you will have a Great Time. Good Luck.
    Cheers Ian.
  5. thanks, trike is an idea, did not come to my mind !! Might be easier to find, to rent or to buy second hand and sell it again. Very worthwhile exploring.
    You think your friend at KTLbikes could give me further ideas where to go ?
  6. Hi again,
    I doubt it he is so Busy with importing and his own Bikes, does 3 weeks in NZ and 2 weeks in Japan so i doubt he could help. I think the Best Bet is check out the Internet and start talking to Guys over there i am sure someone will help you. Cheers.
  7. hi pico..iam in NZ at the moment,,just done a charity ride..2000 bikes..motorway to ourselves....good blast.was doing 150 on the motorway and the police came along side and gave me the thumbs up..then took off..couldent beleive it..if u wish to come here..send me a pm..will check out some rental prices 4 u..bikes are quite dear to rent here..not to sure about trikes....i know a large adventure bike is about $200 a day...get back to me ..can check a few prices...
  8. 200 NZ$ a day , that is terrible, not terrable news :))
    But will sent PN to toss other ideas
    - shipping my bikesidecar from here( is there an English term for GESPANN ??)
    - renting / buy a trike/ bikesidecar in Australia, shipping it over to NZ.later using it for touring Australia.
    Just to see if any of these options make sense.
  9. GESPANN... Does that mean motorcycle and sidecar in German Pico?

    The traditional English term for the same is (was..?) 'Chair Outfit' which was generally shortened to 'Outfit' or sometimes 'Chair'. Others may suggest alternative names!

    I've always had a hankering for one actually - think it probably stems from the lean biking years when my kids were small. Seemed like a possible way of spending more time in the saddle - didn't happen though...


  10. TROPHICALJOHN just gave me a link to an Aussi Trike dealer
    who sells



    And I am happy to know now there doesnt seem to be a standard term for Gespann, was about to doubt my English
  11. Just for interest sake...


    Saw this creation at the UK South West Custom and Classic..


    Spotted this puppy in France..


    Would probably qualify as a removals van in Thailand! [:)]
  12. the owner of trike 1 might be a heavy user of Viagra to overcome specific shortcomings.

    regarding the side car in pic 3, gosh am I happy that I no longer live in Europe necessitating such bad weather condoms.[:D][:D][:D]
  13. grin, no Mike, no new project. Although I was very surprised to see a Silver Wing Trike, I would not want to ride one. Reason theses trike are much too risky , risk of overtilting . No, if a trike than a real one , eg. with VW motor, more weigth on the rear axle.
    A close frined who lives on Bonaire ( Netherl. Antil) who just toured NZ send me actually a sidecar link from NZ ... cle-tours/

    and I hope to get a reply from
  14. Hi i live in NZ and have riden in GT the last 3 years. Jan- April best time to travel in NZ, South Island west coast best roads for fast flowing road bike stuff few cops and traffic top quality tarmac with little truck damage good site seeing and budget accodation , North island east coast better than central highways. Far north more traffic roads ok but warmer latter into the season good site seeing but more touristy. North Island and south state highway 1 heavy police and 100km speed limit, A great place to come bike riding in summer but i always head to thailand in nz winter for my riding fix cause it gets bloody cold and wet.
    No couruption here safe to ship to nothing will go missing in transit or other bullshit. Cities small and easy to get around nothing like Bangkok. Can find out more info requarding bike rego and warrent of fitness to comply with law or if you use tax disk from other country. Bike Insurance not composry here and the health system is free if you have an accident.
    there is a company in NZ manfacturing trikes i can give them a ring requarding a rental if you are serious, get back to me if you need any other help,
    Its great to finialy be of some help to someone on the board and not just be syphoning thailand info off the locals.
    All the best
    Nick Pedley
  15. Hi Nick, thanks for offering help. It comes just in time=
    I got this reply from [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] in Canterbury

    Hi Pico -
    Thank you for your enquiry. Regrettably the Intruder with Headingham sidecar does not have automatic gear change - so would be unable to to hire it out to you.
    It is the only bike and sidecar available for hire in NZ.
    Thanks again for your interest
    PR Manager
    Sidecar Sights

    E.i. there are only two options left
    1. to hire a trike
    2. to fly my vehicle over

    It would be more sexy to ride my own thing, but I should check first unemotionally the cost of both options. And I have not found a source
    for cargo flights out of Bkk. At least my shipper who flew in my side car import from GB hasnt quoted yet.
  16. With the help of a KiwiforumI got today a more encouraging mail from ... &O=D&P=514

    Hi Pico,

    Have located an engineer who is able to shift the right footbrake to a HAND control!! How is that for you?
    Is it only the Right Leg that is weak?
    LOVE the Bike and sidecar in the photo!!
    Do e mail with ALL the requirements - and I can see what price the NZ ride would be.

    Yours Clynton. Sidecar Sights.

    But, Nick, if you could nevertheless check out the trike option, might be a new riding experience!
  17. uuuuuuppppps ... &O=D&P=514 as they rent out their bikes for only NZ$ 100 /h their offer is on th steep side NZ$ 600 per day incl. accom and breakfast. This would total only THB 400.000 for 1 month of New Zealand riding.
  18. Hi
    I am from the UK, about to spend 10 days in CM riding the North of Thailand - hence reading the forum. Will be arriving from New Zealand where I spent 5 months on and Africa Twin exploring on and off road.

    I bought and sold. The only affordable long term option for any kind of bike trip. Check out their (much better) version of Ebay at

    Best insurance deals by far

    I can offer some advice on routes etc, but the best thing to do is sign up to
    I did this and it made my holiday. The Kiwis are so sociable- I met up with loads of adventure riders, got invitations to stay with people en route, and loads of good advice.

    I know a guy in Christchurch (friend of a friend) who is a trike fanatic. Contact me if you want his details - he is sure to know a few insider things about the trike scene. I won't post his details here since I haven't asked him or forewarned him.

    You can see my pics of the tour at ... &O=D&P=514
  19. Thanks Dan,
    the sidecar rental came back with a gernous offer to charge for the bike 300 US$ per day only. Exclusivity has its price. Friends of mine in the Caribbean who toured NZ and prepared extremly well, gave me this comparison=

    A huge SUV type car for 4 people was more like NZ$1,200 for a week with unlimited mileage and drop off at different location. Our accommodations ranged from about NZ $80 to $125.

    If you go to our old website you will find some of the B&Bs we were looking at. In each area they are listed with the less expensive places first. And they are in the order that we made the trip starting on the North Island. Another source would be Jason's B&Bs: ... &O=D&P=514 or or

    I am posting this because some of the links may be of interest to others too. Their web site is a wealth of info !!

    Yes Dan, if you could help with trike info that would be great.
  20. COME TO THINK OF IT, DAN ... &O=D&P=514 IS in Christchurch so your friend probably knows even Clynton, the guy I´m dealing with at sidecarsights.
  21. Dan, just now had a look at your photos. The story of the mute and deaf going on a bike around the world makes me pale.
  22. I am one step further, I got at long last an indication of the air freight charges Phuket Oakland and back = 7000 US $.
    Assuming 6 weeks in NZ that translates into $150 per day, which is over 50% cheaper than renting a side car in NZ ( ... ,motocross )

    Plus having followed the posts about comfortable bikes I will stick with my SilverWing, as I said before on my 5000km trip through parts of Thailand I not once had a sour behind or stiff shoulders, 6 hours no problem at all. The answer seems the straight sitting position with the feet resting on the bike like on a normal stool. The more forward the feet are positioned from the human trunk the more weight rests on the buttocks
  23. Re = New Zealand / chargo shipment cost
    I had contact with a around-the-world biker who was very enthusiastic about Malaysian Airlines.
    it might be of general interest althoug none of you will have a bike +side car. The last price indication I got here in Phuket was about US$ 7000 to Auckland and return.
    MAS came out even more expensive = US$ 10.000
    Details here,

    All Charges will be based on pivot weight, 1600kg.
    ( PIVOT = MINIMUM LOAD , in my case 4x times actual weight of less than 400kg.
    No mix-load with other cargo. (i.e. NO LUGGAGE !!??? )

    The calculation of the estimate charges as follows.

    Airfreight : RM19.58/per kg x 1600kg = RM31,328.00
    Terminal charges : RM0.20/per kg x 1600kg = RM320.00
    Fuel surcharge : RM1.60/per kg x 1600kg = RM2560.00
    Security surcharge : RM0.38/per kg x 1600kg = RM608.00
    Custom charges : RM20.00
    Dangerous Fee : RM76.00
    Total charges : RM34,912.00

    Current USD exchange RM1.0000 = USD3.5000
    RM34,912.00 = USD9,974.85

    Now looking at his calculation of fuel surcharge again it strikes me that the quote may be only ONE WAY.

    Do I give up ??? Not as yet


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