Good Android Map Apps?

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  1. Hi Fellas,

    Recently purchased a back up phone. Sony - water and dust proof for bike trips.

    Had a test run and liked it so much decided to dump the iPhone.. (being sold as I post)

    Now I need a good Andriod Map Application..
    Something that lets you cache Openstreet maps when you don't want to use or don't have a data connection for google / bing etc etc etc.

    The app I used on my iPhone is only made for Apple.. That is the only missing piece..

    Otherwise.. A very painless move away from the iPhone and to be honest.. Better phone with better camera at nearly 1/3 of the price.

  2. Hi Brian !

    Have You tried something called Route66, it´s in the playstore, and they let you download maps
    from any country to store in your pad/phone. I havn´t tested the other funktions in the app yet,
    but the thailand map is the best one I have found so far, I have it both in my phone and pad, if
    they had it for windows I would use it in the computer too.
    I totaly agree with the last sentence in Your post above, I don´t understand why people ........
    no I´d better keep quiet. 55555

  3. For non routable maps(+) and Maps(-) caches google maps, open street map, etc and I use these to preload a city I dont know..

    For routable and $$ I hear sygic is good.

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