good as new Xmoto 4 sale in Chiang Mai

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  1. Just spotted this ad for BMW Xmoto for sale up there inChiang Mai on bahtsold:

    Category: Motorcycles
    Area: North
    City: Chiang Mai
    Contact Name: carson
    Telephone: 0835819696
    Description: BMW XCountry 2008 1500 km perfect condition

    no price, though...
  2. Around 450K I'd say. They are around 600K new, nearly 9K GB Sterling for a used single. Alot alot alot of money.........
  3. 600K new? That's crazy! You'd get a Yamaha XT660X for that, throw in a Kawasaki ER6 for free! And a KSR 110.
  4. The Ad is actually for the X-Country! New Base Model Costs 495.000 Baht. Nice Little Bike :wink: It is the X-Challenge that Costs 603.000 Baht, That has the Air Bag Suspension but has been a bit of a Failure in Sales. :!:
  5. I did check with the seller. I was bang on, he is looking for 450K. 8)
  6. That's why I'm on an 1150GS. You can get a good GS for about the same amount that people ask for the 650s, and they are a lot more motorcycle for the money and represent a better value, IF you are able and willing to put up with the size. The size is a disadvantage in town and at rest, but otherwise is an advantage. Even in the city, the passage of a GS creates a "Moses parting the Red Sea" kind of effect.

    And, as noted, for the price of a new BMW 650, you can probably buy BOTH a GS and a smaller city bike, if so inclined.

    For me the value proposition of the BMW 650s in Thailand does not work.
  7. Xcuse me for getting the model names wrong, maybe I was too Xcited and miXed up Xmoto with Xcountry.
    Saw a funny T-shirt yesterday, a kid selling me moo-yang in the market wore it, it said in big red letters:

  8. Avoid the X Challenge with air suspension.
    There's a demo one sitting in Barcelona with an inoperable air suspension unit.
    No one @ B has a good word to say for it.
    They say they do not plan to be bringing anymore [X Challenge] in.
    This issue does not affect the X Moto or the X Country.
    However they are X Pricey for what they are.

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