Good Bike Mechanic Udon


Oct 14, 2005
This is not one of those things I do often for very good reason. Every time I have done it in the past it ended up wiht the mechanic starting to play the farrang rpricing junk. I talked with him before I did this I explained to him what I was goign to do. That more then likely he would get business form it. I told him about what happened in the past. The end result being the mechanic loosing good cutomers. So I have been asssured he will continue on wiht the Thai pricing.

But, we have to do our part as well. If you use his shop, please don't through money areond like it's water. Don't compare prices to your home country, your not there your in Thailand. Yuo want to tip him remember where you are don't be breaking out those 500 baht bills. Unless he has really done one heck of a lot of work for you and there is good reason.

I've used him about six times and have tipped in line to the work twice. The tips or lack of never changed his approach to the work. So not neccessary and only causes problems for those of us who live here on fixed incomes. It takes years to find guys like this. People trusted me and let me know about the guy as a source of tires. He can do much more so don't screw it up.

If you have a big bike the parts won't be on hand he will order them from Bangkok usually there the next day. So far he has met every comittment he has made to me including doing the work in the time frame he said he would.

He is not least expensive mechaninc in Udon nor the most expensive. His work is impressive. He has two young helpers the techinical stuff he does himself. Sometimes they clean a project up for him simple things. They are not him and they can make mistakes. Everytime that has happened he has cleaned up the problem no charge. So no complaint on my end.

He is located across the street from the Udon Police Station, me and directions north I think.

Name of the Shop it will be in Thai and beleive me, a hole in the wall place. He only speaks a little english.

Teknik Yaan Yon