good detailed maps / who can organize ??

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  1. I searchd the forum under ... ellent,map
    plus I looked at the rather outdated info on the intropage of GTR.
    Nothing of substance.

    1. What good maps on Thailand are actually in print , and where can they be ordered?
    2. I want to ride from Phuket to Chang Rai. I am overwhelmed by the info here or
    Who can make my life easy and organize a flexible trip, including accomodation.
    Someone who actually knows the details, who has been there??
    It will be worth to me more than a beer,

  2. I don't want to be dismissive of your request Pico, but if there's just you and perhaps a friend, it really doesn't take that much planning. Yes, you'll need a map of course, but just set off and ride it. Calculate the distance and work out roughly how many days you'll do it over, then just set off! Ride as many miles / km as you feel like each day, then just pull over and find some suitable accommodation. The small places to stay, often the most interesting, and good value also, aren't usually the kind of places you'll be able to pre-book easily by email, or even telephone, in advance.

    Buy a guide book to Thailand, eg the Rough Guide, and this will describe areas of interest to you, and list recommended places to stay - with contact details.

  3. Thanks Bill, your reply is to the point, however I have to sympathise with Pico, information here is very plentiful, and maps are available, however if you're sitting in Europe or Australia and want to maximise your holiday the overload of general information leads to concern! A lot of the users here are either expats/locals or frequent visitors and have the opportunity to have good trips or non-events, for the one-off tourist who has saved (possibly for years) to make this their "trip of a lifetime" a casual approach isn't always possible, I understand where Pico is coming from!

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  4. PS Pico, when is your trip?

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"
  5. Pico,

    For travelling around Thailand I'd recommend Michelin 751 national map of Thailand which has served me well over the years. Once you get "up north" then Davids map of the Mae Hong Son loop can't be beaten.

    For internet info on hotels e.t.c, I've used many times with great success. They have a lot of info plus an online booking service for hotels. Like Bill says though, if you go the pre-booked route, your likely to end up in mainstream hotels and possibly miss out on a lot of interesting stuff that may be just a few km away.

    Whatever you do, ride safe, enjoy it and post some trip reports here!



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  6. You are right Bill, driving off is what I would normally have done. But I also would like the hidden treasures, exceptional , not necessarily luxary hotels. Small but beautiful. This and other info one gets only through word by mouth. ( Absolutely No squat toilettes !! Wouldnt want to end up in my own ..... because of a weak leg))
    Every single place, every accomodation will look good in travel guides, what you find out is the BUTs , when it´s too late, when you are there. Everything is upgraded to = WORTH SEEING, every little dripping waterfall

    But as is mentioned here=
    What is your experience? If the e-mail address implies, such as .de or .com that a Franage is requsting a reservation, do you get a Farang price?
    I have the suspition that a Thai voice calling in might get a better deal, right or wrong???

    My trip can happen after NEW YEAR, but even that is flexible.

  7. PICO.

    If you must use an online reservation service, than sawasdee is pretty good. You will get the online price, no matter where you book from. The prices are listed.

    Often you will be able to negotiate a lower price in person if you just turn up, however as New Year is peak of the peak season, that is probably unlikely any way.

    The difference is that most guest house type accommodation doesn't really focus on pre-bookings, so you are probably cutting out about 80% of the accommodation market in the country, and including only the upper-mid to high price range places.

    You will not have a problem finding accommodation anywhere. My suggestion would be, get a map, get a guide, plan the day before where you will go and aim to be there by early afternoon (3pm) and look around... go to the tourist info office... read the guide (but don't necessarily believe it)...

    If you pre-book you are tied to a schedule... you will likely end up stuck is some dreary provincial capital when there is a nice resort type area just out of town... leaving a nice place where you met some lovely people 'cause you have the next nights accommodation booked... not worth it...

    The only other bit of advice is ALWAYS ask to see the room before you hand over your bahts... appearances can be deceiving...

  8. Pico
    My experience is that you are right in when suggesting a thai voice gets a thai price when dealing with small & medium sized operators.
    Larger ones [hilton/Amarai etc] have given me good rates when called.
    Sadly my thai travel agent has just married Stve P of this site and won't be back until December.
    It would be helpful to all of us, if good & reliable travel agents were posted - as it is rare to find an operator who really does follow up on enquiries and bookings.
  9. Not for Chiang Mai residents I guess, but online I have had good dealings with Travelmart tours.

    128/1 Woraburi Hotel&Resort Sukhumvit Rd.,Soi 4, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
    TEL. (662) 656-7120-2 FAX. (662) 656-9853 Email : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

  10. Pico ole chum! get up to Chang mai, make an date to meet Dave.Fl, buy him a meal and a few changs, if you bring a cask of red you'l get the real deal info. Those guys that live in CNX know the vibe, but are you willing to follow advice.
    Daves mai hon son route is tops, Pai is a layed back town, the road is endles with curves, a real hoot, So "Chill Winston" an size the moment....Scott


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