Good Luck and Bad Luck


Nov 7, 2005
Good Luck and Bad Luck

My good friend Erkki Malminen had good luck and bad luck a few days ago. He was driving on Sukumvit here in Pattaya with his rather new Yamaha Nouvo Eleganze and while stopping behind a Toyota Sedan at the red lights he was hit from behind at high speed by an unknown pick up after 30 metres of brake marks on the asphalt.

He made a long air flight and then he slided along the asphalt of Sukumvit without hitting any car. His bike hit the Toyota in front of him and caused some damage (costed him 10.000 Baht) and his Yamaha burned totally for 30 minutes just leaving a small 10 kg melted metals behind. The crash was so hard that the rear schocks were separated from the frame.

He only got minor scratches and a stiff body the next day. Probably he was saved by a golf bag he kept on his back and that protected his back. The golfbag also went as up in flames only leaving some small remains of his driver as proof to his insurance company.

The Pick Up driver fled the scene..... Thai style.

You can see the fire here.


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai

Erkki was lucky man and for sure some one was looking after him,,,BUT
how come he needed to pay that damage to pick up front of him?

reference of pick up who hit him, that is so normal for thais as he could see that it was farang and he mostlikely saw Dollar marks in his eyes as how much it would cost him and mostlikely intoxicated as well...

But main thing is that Erkki is ok.


Oct 17, 2006
I saw the report on TV ..what a lucky escape he had .....I hope they get the driver. the flames from the exploding nuovo fuel tank were spectacular.

I was hit from behind in the UK on a HD by a car in 1990 i spent 2 years in hospital and a wheelchair .