good mecanic in chiang mai??

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  1. bought my bike in the chiang mai motorbike shop..
    made a testdrive before goin to laos:
    first to pai - soppong - maehonsong - via dirt track back to chiang mai..
    now i have the following problems: my exhaust is a little bit lose
    the engin doesn't always start and makes some tickling sounds around the gearbox area?
    i want to have everything fixed before the 16th, cause my visa is running out and cause it's really time to go for laos!!!
    Now the problem is that i'm not really sure if i can trust the motorbikeshop mecanic..
    After i bought the bike, the mecanic should have checked everything but i think this didn't happen.
    i tried joes bike team, but they are busy untill the18th
    now i'm goin to call samoto..G3 bike shop and chiang mai bikershop.
    if anybody knows a good mecanic or has some advice.. pleace reply or call me on 070510179
  2. brought it to the motorbikeshop mecanic again.. the bike will be ready this evening! wish me good luck for laos, i think i need it!
    what tires do i need for laos??
  3. hi bob,
    good to hear you found a mechanic in chiang mai. my girlfriend and me are also touring trough southeast asia and we also in need of a good mechanic. my honda baja needs his original sprockets and some other maintainance. can you advice me a shop or can you give me some phonenumbers or adresses or a whatever can help me to get the job done...
    maybe we can even meet eachother on the road? we are now in mae sot, going to umphangand later direction chiang mai and aftherwoods loas, cambodja, malysia etc...

    jeanne and niels (FRA-BEL)
  4. hello! i'm from belgium too!!! and i will be staying in chiang mai untill after 18.... cause all the shops close down now with songkran! Have some serious shit whit my bike, so i want to fix it before i go to laos.
    call me when you are in cm? 070510179
  5. Nielsy, Hi are you 2up on the Baja? Where did you start from, Keep the posts com'n, add some pics when you get to Cang Mai.
    Regards Scott
  6. hi guys,
    bob i will call you if i get there. hope you get everything fixed for your bike.meanwhile can you look out for a good shop who can maybe help me with the sprockets. alvast mercikes.
    Scott my girlfriend drives a suziki djebel 200 cc. she likes it very much, it is her first bike.
    today we drove to um phang,i think on the 1054. magnificant road. really liked it. lots of nice windings and perfect views, altough the last will be better i guess in a later season. we will stay here for songkran because i dont wanna meet drunks here on the road.
    next time a pic....

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