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  1. This is not a bike related request, but since you guys at the forum might know you're way around CNX I would like to ask if any one knows a good garage for classic cars in CNX.
    I have this Volvo 240 from 1985 and needs good maintenance of the shocks & bearings, but so far haven't found good mechanics.Tried the Lavo modify shop already, but the guys are not very sufficient.
  2. Shocks and wheel bearings can also be do by tyre installers I'm sure there is there a Goodyear Eagle outlet or one of the large one stop stores like we have here in BKK. Sorry one name doesn't come to mind but there are many.
  3. Saying the Lavo Guys in Chiang Mai are not very Sufficient is very Polite but a Gross Understatement, They are a Bunch of Butchers with the Skills of a Peanut!!! I have seen a Volvo Specialist shop where my Brother-In-Law took his once. Not sure if it is still there but If you are heading towards Town on the Mae Rim road Between the Big Cockpit Shop and the Toyota Dealer it is a little Shop on the Left, Go Slowly as you will miss it, only has a small Sign. Very Thai Style but he supposedly used to work for Volvo and is very Good. Hope you find it. Good Luck.
    Cheers Ian.
  4. Volvo 240 a classic car [:0]
  5. Chinosnake.
    Know the guy Ian talk's of. He's brilliant & specialises in European cars. Worked in the middle east for 15 yrs looking after EU cars. Knows his stuff & speaks a bit of English. He also sorted out Madam(the HGL G/F Singer)'s Opel Corsa.
    I'll have to get his name & phone number off Madam for you.
    If you're not familiar with the area yet we can meet up & I'll run you out there.
    Have not seen you around the Kafe the last few nights, where are you hanging out?
  6. Big Cockpit Shop. That's one of them
  7. Classic car in Thailand is a misnomer , I have met many Thais driving horrible old Austin Allegros ( all agro)or 1300s , they were disguting wrecks when they left the Leyland Factories back in the 70s and time has not improved them.
  8. Thanks you all, I will check it out and let you know. Lavo is out, definetely. David I'm checking out CNX' s nightlife, but surely like to have another chat at Kafe's, c u soon.

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