Good News from Lao


Nov 17, 2004
According to my friend in immigration, 15 day visas and 7 day transit visas are now a thing of the past. From now on, only 30 day visas will be issued. For those of us unfortunate enough to be US citizens, it's USD $ 35.00.

And more somewhat good news, the bridge at Savanakhet/Mukdahan is almost done. The massive entry point on the Lao side is done and it's completeish all the way across. Scheduled to open sometime in November/December. I asked about Thai bikes and the customs man said no problem!! There was no answer about the fees and if they will be the same as VTE for entry. The bridge will enter Savanakhet at KM 7 on hwy 13 and there is a unmarked as of yet exit. The immigration/customs house is as big if not a little bigger than at the bridge in VTE.

Ride Safe