good news I got a job!!!

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  1. Landed a offshore ROV maintainance job in |Singapore, its a chance and a break I needed badly with all the bad shit that has beeb happening to me , lets hope I can impress them with my can do and tech knowledge so I can build a new career,I did not even ask how much they pay , man I would do it for free but the Scots guy i talked to is a decent bloke, I start tommorrow so may be ubable to post for a while.


    PS thanks to Mike Rust for getting me my powercommander, a very decent bloke.
  2. You little bewdy Jerry. I hope things go well for you.
    Was it Harri The Finn who helped?
    Yeah Mike Rust has been doing good things on this board. Mike thanks for all your input & helping other riders here.
  3. Dear Jerry, good luck & all the best with your new job, as you will start tomorrow, we will not meet but just give me a call once you're in Pattaya and we will go for a drive together !! Franz
  4. Hi Jerry,

    Happy for you, if you like I can organise a meeting with Mike and you and other friends if they want to join to celebrate !

    Try to call you
  5. Jerry,
    AZOULAY´s offer is a must.
    I want to join the party wherever and are happy to pay my dues.

    What will be on the menu Azouly, as you are, quoting from your profil.... a Food Ingeneer and Chief Buyer in a big multinational concern ?
    Can we expect some finly tuned genetic food ??
    I hope you dont mind my play on words with the food ingeneer. :))

    Congrats to Jerry , the survivor!!
    Yours Pico
  6. Azoulay is working on a new product his company is going to turn nuclear waste and sewage in Haute cuisine which he will be forced to sell all over Europe.

    Lets all test it out!
  7. Hi Friends,

    Celebration, celebration, that's a word I like.

    This happy new which seems to make Jerry very happy (and remeber how he could have been down some weeks ago) must be celebrate at it' s right value, frankly an advantage of being here is that' s we can easily invite few friends to enjoy a nice diner !

    Be sure I will do with great pleasure with no GMO foods as far as I could know down here (sic !).

    For Food Engeneer, yes I've down the gaduation in France and then have worked more than 12 years in Research and Development of the big Multinational I am still with U......r. So what, some are in electrics, mechanics or condoms (I see a persisiting advertisement for a position at DUREX Thailand in the Bangkok Post, every morning, so why not)....

    Just ring and we'll organise it, note I return to France on the 1st of September.
    Just ring and we'll organise it, note I return to France on the 1st of September.

    GEE, that is stress, positive stress !!
    How do we go about it, AZOULY AND JERRY ?
    Where, when and how?
    I´ll be there!!

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