Good shops to buy dirt bike clothing/boots/helmets ( online shops ? )

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  1. Does anyone have positive experiences buying clothing/safety gear to go dirtbiking ?
    Online perhaps ?

    I am located in Krabi, bike shops in Bangkok aren't exactly practical for me unless they have a website. Out here in Krabi there is nothing. Not many people seem to ride dirtbikes here.

    So far I have found - is that the only one ?
    ( that website is quite limited )
    thx !
  2. Dirtshop is a great store, but you're right, their website isn't very easy to navigate and only shows a small portion of their actual inventory.

    There are TONS of Thai language online shops that sell all kinds of dirt gear. If you can't read Thai have a Thai friend help you go through the classified sections of sites like and and you'll find links to dozens of online shops that ship nationwide.

    Hope this helps! Good luck and happy trails! :happy2:
  3. Thanks guys, this helps !

    Have been riding around the Krabi trails wearing army boots and a dinky scooter helmet, its time to step up to some real dirtbike clothes before I hurt myself. Especially if I do get round to installing that 351 big bore kit, Tony :)
  4. Cheers Dude! :thumbup:

    If you're looking for a new helmet this outfit has had quite good reviews and they sell a whole lot more than just helmets!

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