Google maps replacing ordinary GPS ?

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  1. I can see it coming , in Thailand too, Google mapping cars for Google Street View are already cruising the streets of CM. Rugged tablet are available for those who want a more informative view of the surroundings than any smartphone can render, like the Panasonic Toughpad A1
    or others

    For now, an internet/cloud connection is needed for navigating accurately and to use the many features but, again, I can soon see the maps will be fully pre-download-able and a pure GPS signal will suffice to see in detail a certain segment of your trip.

    It is such a delight to see in satellite view the surrounding terrain which you are traveling compared to the simplistic road maps on e.g Garmin.
  2. Sure there are many applicatins out there that can do this.. When I go some where I usually cache the area / region on my Iphone using the MotionX app.. Previously you could only cache the Open Source Maps which are using Street Map.. But I noticed in the last upgrade that Bing also allow you to cache Maps now.

    When we went to Sihanoukville. Cached the road we would ride and then the town itself.. Big help when we arrived and wanted to avoid the roundabout with the cops waiting to take money off you and finding your way around.

    Google still don't allow caching of maps (Copyright). I have read there are ways to do this.. but have not bothered as usually will cache the areas and then make a route with Google earth then import the GPX file via email and use the Motion X Open Street map.. No need to data roaming and very useful if you have no signal. Good back up too if your GPS dies.

  3. Never thought of Bing, which mapping source do they use? Would you know if this is also possible with an Android device? What your limit for caching, if there is one?
    As good as google maps?
  4. As far as I use Google Maps on my Iphone it is never going to replace ordinary navigation software. There are a few major problems ..
    1. Needed internet connection is slow or not at all (in the middle of nowhere just when you need it)
    2. POI's are not 100% accurate (actually not even 90%)

    And guess what ... that was never Google's intention (to be an replacement)... they just want to know where you are.

    Chang Noi
  5. Bing is Microsoft.. Not sure about Android as I have an Iphone.. MotionX is for Iphone only.. BUT... there will be others.. you will need to look.
    Before I had my Garmin.. I bought an Iphone holder that mounts on the handle bars.. Worked very well. The protective screen is glove friendly.. The name escapes me now.

    As I mentioned before.. Google maps are not allowed to be cached.. so you just download the maps you want before hand with MotionX street maps or now Bing (Bing is not as detailed as Google).. As for limit.. Believe your phone memory is the limit.. The more detail you download the bigger the download... I ran out of phone memory before anything else.. you will need to download over WIFI.. Just leave it downloading when you go to bed.

    Ffor example.. if you are going to Southern Laos.. You wouldn't download all the tiles for Laos.. You may select a high overview of the region you will travel.. then you should have a rough plan of where you will go.. lets say.. Border to Pakse, Pakse to Don Khong, Don Khong to Attapue..
    Then go back and just select the areas you need.. zoom in along this path and download higher detail here only.. Only the tiles you do not have already will be downloaded.. Then for the towns you will visit.. Download that in extra detail.. You get the idea.. no need to download 4 gigs of fine detail of nothing data when 200 MB will do the job.. and when off road you don't need such detail anyway.. just the GPX track over layed on a high level map.

    Did the exact thing above in Northern Thailand and other places more than a few times and it worked well.. Accuracy was fine too..
    Only pain is.. This will eat your iPhone battery.. The mount I have doesn't let you connect the power I have rigged from the battery.. so need to stick it in the tank bag..

    Hope that helps. If you are just looking for something as a back up or get our of jail card should your GPS die or not willing to spend the money yet on a GPS.

  6. The mount you had was probably RAM mount, good stuff.
    If using iPhone continuously, be very careful as it will get VERY hot due to the micro operating, backlighting and of course battery heat. This is especially true in hot climates, sun and when encased in a holder.
  7. The brand is Biologic.. More for bikes.. I only used this on the Ninja. Not on the KLX :)
    Udon E-San Bike Week 20-21 January 2012

    Spot on about the heat.. Mainly used it for verifying where we are and recording tracks.
    Recording tracks is OK heat wise as you shut off the screen.
  8. Hey that Bike-Mount for the Iphone looks case-wise exactly like what I am looking for. A bit pity that the mount itself is not a bit better and more adjustable.

    Chang Noi
  9. Maps(+) and Maps(-) on android caches google or OSM etc.. Great little phone app for android.

    OruxMaps much more slick, but not as easy to make the map packs.

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