Gorgeous Phang Nga Sunrise - Beyond The Sarasin Bridge

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  1. Third time's a charm? Episode 3 in my Beyond the Sarasin Bridge series, a very early morning ride to Kwanta Eiam viewpoint in Phang Nga, quite close to Samet Nangshe, actually. I've been here before in another video, but had to come back with a drone to catch the sunrise, hence the early departure.

    Riding down those rural roads with basically no lights whatsoever, sketchy potholes and overgrown roadside shrubs was pretty trippy - even if you don't believe in ghouls and the like, it's hard to look into the distant black and not be super cautious about anything suddenly appearing, wow.

    This ride was also to test my new tyres, a pair of Mezeler Sportec M5 Interacts, so a bit weird that I decided to go off-road with them. Anyway, on the corners of both the highway and the hill north of Phang Nga town, the tyres are very fine, I'm happy to report.

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    Cheers as always,

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  2. Finally watched the full video. #wasitworthit? Certainly seemed to be!
    Its hard to capture mood and ambiance on video...but you caught it.
    Felt almost like being there.
    Amazing to have views like that alone.
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  3. It's always worth getting up early. Dawn is the best time of day. Wonderful colours at sunrise, quiet, cooler, few people, hear the birdsong.......
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  4. Cheers Zed, glad I could take you there through the video!

    It's difficult for me, being a night owl of sorts, but I often wish I could do it easier. Usually when I want to experience the morning I simply don't sleep, haha!
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  5. The early bird gets the worm.
    Well done.
    Sadly I'm not much of an early bird either.

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