got stopped by the police for speeding

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  1. Got stopped by the coppers by Khon Kaen i was doing about 120kms..he asked for my driving liscence and ID i gave it to him he said ok go...
    I got stopped again today again i was doing about 120 kms.he asked for 200 b we only had 1000b note and he saig he only had 600b change so i wasnt bothered about a couple of Quid.he never asked for documents
    Luckily i was with my wife so she done the there a simple when i havnt got my wife with me that i can use...are all coppers after a few shilling if so whats the norm..and is there a chance ile find a straight copper who will take offence at bribary.
    I have been in Thailand a few years and was based in pattaya...after crashing a large motorcycle totally drunk (i was on holiday and was an idiot only my 2nd time in LOS i swerved hiring any transport because i was more interested in women and drink..
    I am a father now and 90 per cent of the time sober..any advice would be appreciated
  2. Yep...... move out of the provinces before it does yer head in!! :lolno:

    Seriously, I love the baksheesh system here...... no biker wants to own a decent powerful machine and be stuck riding the inside lane at 90, so we just gotta take the police stops and tea money payments with a pinch o' salt! And because it's petty corruption, the amount will vary from 200 and up. Worst place (if you're in Issan) is around Pak Thong Chai just south of Khorat..... buggers knew my Big White Pig so well they were standing smiling with hand out before I'd stopped! Just always keep a couple red ones folded in with your Thai DL..... does the trick. Oh, and learn some Thai...... a bit of good natured banter along with a current DL, tax and insurance sometimes works wonders! (But they started getting wise to my "Sorry Officer, my girlfriends Mum is sick in hospital, we have to get back quick quick!!)
  3. I was also stopped for speeding 3 times from Khon Kaen to Bangkok a few months ago.
    They wanted to take my license and told me I would have to pick it up in Khon Kaen the first time then in a space of another 50 or so ks was stopped for speeding another 2 times.
    I have never been stopped any where else in Northern Thailand.
    So glad I live in Chiangmai every thing still seems OK there.
    The driving is the worst in Thailand in Isan so I suppose there is more policing there I can never get over how bad it is there every time I go there may be that's why its policed more.
  4. I have been stopped a few times (both with motorbike & car) and I always flat out deny whatever they are saying I did wrong and then totally ignore them. The longer I hold them up, the less money they make from others, so after 5min in buffalo-stand they want me to go away quick. Only the first time they stopped me I did give them 100thb (what I think is really the maximum you should offer).

    The problem is they just stop you for nothing, they just want money. Especially when it is only 1 or 2 cops, then they are just looking for money for their mia-noi.

    Chang Noi
  5. I have no problem paying 200 baht if I'm caught doing 140 in the outside lane..... I've broken the law of the land, it's a fair cop guv! 200 baht into the cop's pocket or 200 baht down the cop shop, no diff to me, but I'd rather pay it pronto and be on my way.
  6. don't stop
  7. Yes i agree with you guys so if i give them 200b and show them my licence i shuold be on my way.good advice guys thanks
    On a brighter note my versys gets delivered today..i am one happy chappy..
    This forum has been invaluable to me i would be riding an unlicenced piece of crap if i had listened to my drunken friends in Pattaya
    Happy days
  8. Depends. I was going the wrong way down a soi on my Honda Wave and the cop signaled for me to stop. I thought fack it and ducked down a side soi, but the cop came after me on his Thai Boxer (150?) He was gaiing on me, so I pulled over and got my license out. As soon as he walked over to me, I waied him...

    He kept my license, wrote out a ticket and it cost me 500 baht at the cop shop to retrieve my license.

    Just sayin, YMMV
  9. I've only ever seen them chase scooters.

    You need a faster bike ;)

    I think it's wonderful that here a couple hundred baht can smooth things over that would land you in jail back home.

  10. Yeah, I'd stand a better chance on my CBR 150 :)
  11. Just make sure they are asking for the bribe before offering.

    In the unlikely scenario where you meet an HONEST COP... You could be in a lot of strife..

  12. Bad luck #1 - got stopped by cop
    Bad luck #2 - got stopped by HONEST cop

    Should've stayed home....
  13. HONEST COP / Thailand ?? thats the first time I've ever seen those words linked together ha ha
  14. There are lots of honest cops who are just trying to make a living. Of course demanding tea money falls under 'honest' - that's normal procedure here and most seem to appreciate it.
    In Hua Hin the cops always had their ticket pad handy, meaning no quick 200B but wasting time at the next police station and paying 400 to 500B. That was 2 years ago, don't know if that changed.
    The last two years I rode every day in Phuket, often without helmet, got caught maybe once a year. Lots of people speed, never a problem for me.
  15. And why would you do that?
  16. I rode bikes without a helmet in the 80s in California as long as it was legal, in the 90s in Hawaii as long as it was legal, and for more than ten years in Thailand, as long as I didn't get fined.

    Never had an accident, I don't take risks, I expect the mistakes others will make and most of all, I was lucky I never got run over or rear-ended by some idiot.

    Riding is more fun without a helmet, especially puttering along backroads in the country side. I slow down and enjoy the ride.

    Some people feel invincible in their outfits and helmets; if they'd get the blast in their faces at 130 or 160 km/h they may slow down.

    Of course when I travel longer distances at higher speeds I wear a full-face helmet, but most of the time when I just cruise around I don't.

    Most MC accidents happen in the city, and most cops are about in the city, so I wear a cheapo 400B helmet to avoid a fine.
  17. Okay.
    Safe riding.

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