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  1. Hi
    I am an entry level rider, i have only done a 2 week tour on my own, of Laos(on a honda baja 250) 2 years ago. It was a spur of the moment trip during a visa run. i had such a good time, me, my brother and a mate are going to do cambodia for 3 weeks in december this year. I am going a bit more prepared this time. I know there are alot of GPS's on the market. What are members opinions on which is the best to buy? I dont want to spend more than $400 aus, on one, but i would like to get a decent one as im sure i will be making regular bike trips to Asia from now on. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Dunlop,

    Take a look at the link below.. Previous post not long ago.. Asking a similar question, also covers map options for the region

  3. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the info, i also spoke to Jim on the phone at Cali 2 in Cambodia, his site has some good links. I was also curious, we are coming from Australia to Cambodia in a week, i have bought my own boots and helmet... would you recommend buying armour, pads etc???? i was thinking to just ride in a t shirt , shorts with boots, goggles and a helmet.... is this a bad idea?

  4. Yep, a bad idea, especially for an entry level rider.
    Riding off-road or on-road w/out armor is potentially inviting disaster and riding in shorts is fine for making skin donations.
    Get a decent armored jacket, gloves and maybe some knee/shin guards. They'll last you for years of riding. You'll be glad you did.
  5. ^ +1

    Nothing will ruin your holiday faster than a slow speed spill and a nice case of road rash.

    Scary how easily little scrapes get infected in the tropics and how fast infections can spread.

    If you get banged up in a remote part of Cambodia do you think you'll find quick access to proper medical care?

    There's those who have been down and those who are going down. Everyone goes down sooner or later so dress for the crash and avoid the rash!
  6. Hi Dunlop,

    Sorry for the late reply.. Just back from 13 days in Laos this evening..

    Yes.. 100% on the protective clothing.. I dropped my bike twice this trip.

    Once when I had to make way for a small pickup coming up a slippery hill.. I had to move to the edge and when I went to get back on the track.. The front tyre slipped on the moss covered stone..

    Another one where I 100% screwed up and looked at the rut rather than where I was going.. The top of the rut was slippery from the morning damp..
    Bike landed on my boot and I wouldn't get out with the angle of the hill and the rut.. A local helped to lift the bike so I could get my left foot out..
    That was the same ankle I fractured when even greener than now and had touring boots on and dropped the bike in Northern Thailand..

    On both cases above.. I had body armour, under pants with armour to protect the legs and tail bone and knee guards boots etc etc..

    I felt nothing on each occasion.. The second drop my elbow hit the deck hard.. The body armour took the hit and I was fine..

    Would hate to have had any serious or minor issue there.. It can take hours or most of a day to complete some trails of 100 + km..

    Hope that helps


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