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    I would like to sell my GPSMap 60CSx. Bought from Eagle GPS a little over 2 years ago it has served me well on my bike trips all over SE Asia and in NZ. I wanted a bigger screen, so I upgraded to a Zumo 660 and it is now no longer needed.

    Eagle are selling this new for 25300B. See

    Apart from some scuff marks on the rubber lower part it is in very good condition and works flawlessly. It has been used with a screen protector from day one, so the display has no scratches. The latest firmware is installed. The rubber cap over the top (antenna, power switch) has just been replaced by ESRI.

    Included in this sale:
    - belt clip
    - lanyard
    - 1 GB micro SD card

    NOT included:
    - Thailand street map (I didn't buy it with the GPS at the time)
    - any of the accessories that normally come in the box (still in NZ)

    I'm happy to load the Thailand/Laos/Malaysia OSM maps, if the buyer wants it.

    To use this on a bike you may want to buy a cradle (I used the Garmin bicycle cradle) and a power cable.

    I'm expecting to get about 13000B.

    Please email inquiries or offers to
    beddhist at gmail dot com

    We are in Suphanburi province until at least end of January.


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