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  1. Hi I want to do a bit of traveling around thai ,whats the situation with getting hold of a gps ,what sort of coverage and price would one be ,seen them on ebay seemed really cheap (around 4-5.000 bht would it be best to buy in thailand .thanks John
  2. One of the main suppliers of GPS's in Thailand is from this outfit.
    As you can see they are Garmin based as are most of the maps available, the prices you can check for yourself but I would think they are cheaper in the UK. They also sell probably the best map overall for Thailand in the ESRI map. Another source of maps is the independant map makers involved in the Rotweiler maps that once again are Garmin based and can be found here:
    Other than that the GPS work fine all over.
    If you are looking at another make of GPS then I would check the availability of maps before you purchase.

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