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  1. Didn't think I had it.

    Turns out I had sitting here all the time. Problem is I have the Thai map in the GPS so when I try to load it, it runs out of room. There is a custom upload. That would solve the probelm but I have no idea which files to keep and which ones not to load. At this point I have get rid of what I have in the GPS now unless I want to find a route in America :rolleyes:

    Everything is backed up on disc. So that part doesn't scare me.

    I'm trying a second down load now I deleted a lot of files that haven't been used for years from my documents. But I think the problem is going to be in the GPS memory not the computer we will see.

    But in any event I will still have to get rid of the Ameican maps not going to help me much here.

    Does anyone know what those files would be listed as? I want to keep the map source capabilty

    Bet Marco was thinking he would get to be lazy and lay around on his vacation :lol:
  2. Tried again still wouldn't complete the upload has to be a custom upload I have no idea how to do that, where is that on/off thingy?
  3. Ray,,im homeeee,,,will get over your Map sourse problems shortly
  4. Cool this is where things stand now Got the training center loaded in my documents. Mapsource is loaded in my doumnets, but I can't get it open as there are no maps in it. I tried to load it into my computer, but iit wouldn't take it

    Welcome home enjoy the fruits of your labors. :wink:
  5. Ok I have managed to get the map copied to Cd now I need to gte them in map Source getting closer LOL
  6. Well I moved it and the training center to C, tried run and save both. The GPS is plugged into the computer

    When I try to open map source this is what I get:

    Map source cannot find any installed map products.

    Please install one or more map source products and start map source again.

    Can't down load the maps unless map source opens. Knew there were reason's I was a cop and not a computer tech :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Hi Ray, are you having problems loading the maps to your GPS (which is what I understood from your first post), or are you having trouble running Map Source on your computer?

  8. Gps is working great now I loaded map source need to load another program so my computer will communicate with map source.

    I will play with it again this weekend and friend can help in just few weeks.

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